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Facebook Class Action email - it looks like a phish but it's the real deal

A number of you have asked about a Facebook-related email that's doing the rounds lately.

It certainly has some of the hallmarks of a phish.

But is it? And how can you tell? hacked into serving up Blackhole exploit kit


Secret publishing site was infected over the past weekend exposing thousands of users to the Blackhole exploit kit. Find out what happened and some advice for webmasters to keep their sites clean and safe.

SSCC 61 - Sony, Honda, Mac Defender and best practices on securing your organization

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

Chester Wisniewski sits down with one of the most experienced Sophos technical support experts to discuss best practices and how we can use the tools we have to do a better job defending against modern malware.

The great Canadian information heist


Recently the Canadian government was hacked. Guest blogger Rami Jabara expresses his dismay and walks us through the technologies that, if properly deployed, could have prevented this embarrassing incident.

Windows 7 - Podcast, webcast and Q & A

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Podcast Michael Argast, Sophos Head of Global Sales Engineering, and I have finished our two-part podcast on Windows 7. In this segment we discuss AppLocker, BitLocker, BitLocker To Go and UAC. Download and listen to the Sophos podcast "Windows 7 Read more…

5 Best Practices to Protect Windows 7 Computers

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I'd like to invite all of you to join me for a webcast I am doing Feb 24th, 2010 with TechRepublic titled "5 Best Practices to Protect Windows 7 Computers". This webcast will be broadcast 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 Read more…

Protect your web assets - Is Linux still safe?

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The Register is reporting today that Linux servers have been recruited into a botnet. In May we saw TROJ/JSRedir-R and many variants thereof attacking web servers. Last November SophosLabs reported that after more than six years there are still over Read more…