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'Aaron's Law' back in Congress to bring "long overdue" fix of US hacking law


The proposed overhaul of the infamous Computer Fraud and Abuse Act would focus penalties on malicious computer crime.

Senate kills bill that would have reined in NSA and rampant surveillance

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Yesterday the Senate axed The USA Freedom Act, which missed the chance to be debated by just two "yes" votes. With it goes what privacy advocates had called the best opportunity yet to curb the country's run-amok surveillance.

'Yelp Bill' protects Californians from getting pants sued off over reviews

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California has passed a bill that protects customers from getting penalized by companies after writing bad reviews. Yelp's response: Yippee!

US senators propose legislation to throttle NSA's domestic spying

US senators propose legislation to throttle NSA's domestic spying

Senator Patrick Leahy, along with other US senators, has introduced a bill to limit National Security Agency (NSA) spying on domestic targets.

They're not asking for it to stop, mind you - just that it be more transparent with regards to privacy.

Mobile phone carriers oppose law requiring warrants for location data


The proposed US bill doesn't stop the carriers from handing over location data, but it does require that police get a warrant first. So what is CTIA's problem with it?

Canadian politician accuses bill opposition of siding with child porn peddlars

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Canadian politician causes stir, saying anyone who objects to the "Protecting Children from Online Predators Act" sides with child pornographers. Do statements like this serve anything more than muddying the waters?

Anonymous bullies Sony and Nintendo over SOPA support


Anonymous is threatening companies like Sony and Nintendo over their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Will this accomplish their goals, or simply create more victims?

Controversial SOPA bill gets more heat from internet giants YouTube, Google and Wikipedia

say no to SOPA bill

Today is the day that the US's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill is scheduled to be voted on. And unsurprisingly, the who's who of Silicon Valley are not happy. Several web gurus have banded together to voice their dislike of the bill in an open letter.

Canada mulls warrantless internet info-gathering powers for police


A bill before the Canadian parliament includes two clauses specifically to reduce the 'due process' imposed when the cops need information from ISPs.

It's obvious how this would help law enforcement. But it might help the cybercrooks, too.