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Book review: Practical Malware Analysis


Earlier this year, no starch press, sent SophosLabs an unrequested copy of the book Practical Malware Analysis: The hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software with a letter saying "If you do enjoy the book, I hope that you will consider Read more…

The Universal Machine - a fascinating history of computers and computer scientists


Duck's been reading again. This time, it's a book about the history of computing called The Universal Machine, by Kiwi popular science author Ian Watson.

Duck rather enjoyed it, so he thought he'd tell you why.

Trust and society: a review of Liars & Outliers by Bruce Schneier

Trust and society: a review of Liars & Outliers by Bruce Schneier

Paul Baccas reviews Bruce Schneier's latest book.

Book review: Ninja Hacking - unconventional penetration testing tactics and techniques

Ninja Hacking Featured

Senior Threat Researcher Paul Baccas reviews the book "Hacking Ninja: Unconventional penetration testing tactics and techniques".

Kevin Mitnick - ghost in the wires, or scourge of the internet?


Duck has just finished reading Kevin Mitnick's autobiography, Ghost in the Wires.

He decided to review it for Naked Security.

Will you enjoy it? Should you buy it?