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Snowden: NSA working on 'MonsterMind' cyberwar bot

Snowden: NSA working on 'MonsterMind' cyberwar bot

The cyber defense system would instantly and autonomously neutralize foreign cyberattacks against the US and could also be used to launch retaliatory strikes. To do so, it would have to control and analyze all traffic entering the US - a chilling prospect that was the last straw, the whistleblower says.

Gameover and CryptoLocker revisited - the important lessons we can learn


Which is worse - Gameover or CryptoLocker?

What can we learn from the recent US-led takedown of this notorious crimeware?

More importantly, what advice should we be passing on to other people?

Guilty plea for SpyEye banking malware author

Guilty plea for SpyEye banking malware author

Panin, a Russian national, admitted to developing and distributing the banking malware, which was sold to over 150 clients through underground cybercrime forums, and is designed to compromise PCs and connect them to botnets of similarly backdoored systems.

Facebook cracks down on fake "Likes" - Lady Gaga, Eminem and Rihanna lose out

Facebook pops fake Like balloons

Metrics show that popular pages on the social network are shedding chunks of Likes, likely a result of Facebook rolling out integrity system upgrades.

Stopping the zombies: introducing the new FCC anti-botnet code


A new voluntary code of conduct for ISPs in the US creates new measures for addressing botnets. Does it go far enough?

DHS and NIST proposal suggests American ISPs should assist in stopping botnets


The US government is following in the footsteps of Germany, Japan and Australia by proposing that ISPs should attempt to detect botnet infected PCs and notify their owners.

Twitter botnet command and control captured

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I came across this very interesting example of a Twitter controlled botnet this evening. There has been a lot of talk the last few weeks about a new toolkit for creating simple Twitter bot armies, but little evidence of it Read more…

McColo up again, down again

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While the take-down of McColo received a lot of attention in the last few days, it seems not everyone was listening: the company came back online yesterday for a while thanks to TeliaSonera AB, a Swedish ISP that has a Read more…

Alleged Silicon Valley spam source taken down; global spam volume drops 75%

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A critical piece of at least one spam gang's cyber-crime infrastructure was allegedly taken down Tuesday following a four-month-long investigation by the Washington Post, leading to what multiple sources cited by the Post describe as an immediate approximately 75% drop Read more…