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Budget airline impersonated by Facebook hoaxer and malware spammers

Australian airline Jetstar in double cybertrouble - impersonated by Facebook hoaxer and malware spammers

Budget Australian airline Jetstar is suffering a double dose of cyberpain today.

First up was a hoaxer who managed to create a Facebook persona called "Jetstar Australia". Next came a malware spam campaign masquerading as a Jetstar flight itinerary...

October roundup - "90 Second News"


Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in just 90 seconds! This month: international success for law enforcement; rumour of the month pimps Adobe's shares by 17%; Google's CEO puts his privacy foot in his mouth yet again; and Facebook does something good!

Suspected Bredolab botnet operator arrested at Armenian airport

Botnet suspect arrested at airport

It's turning out to be a bad day for running a botnet. The suspected Bredolab botmaster has been arrested at an airport in Yerevan, Armenia.

Bredolab botnet shut down

Bredolab botnet shut down

After shutting down the Bredolab botnet, Dutch cops are using the botnet to spread a warning to infected users.

Postal-themed PDF Spam

Image (2) pdf-spam1.jpg for post 25380

The Bredo malware-spammers are back, and they've been reading about how to run executable files from a PDF using /Launch, a trick we'd already started to see used by malware. This latest spam campaign uses this technique (it's not really Read more…

No, you've not received a postcard from a family member

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Over the weekend there has been a new wave of attacks spammed out, spreading a version of the Bredo Trojan horse via malicious emails. The emails claim to be an ecard from a family member, but opening the attachment can Read more…

Malware attack spammed out disguised as email settings file

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Sophos is intercepting a large number of malicious emails that have been spammed out around the world, posing as a new settings files for internet users' email systems. However, attached to the emails is a Trojan horse. Each email is Read more…