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Virginia Tech ex-student pleads guilty to Yik Yak massacre threat

yik yak

Ki Ung "Eddie" Moon said the stress of final exams, smoking too much marijuana and hallucinations made him do it.

Facebook unfriending was the last straw in workplace bullying case


Unfriending someone on Facebook can be "indicative of unreasonable behaviour", a court found.

The social media network that's worst for bullying is...

Which Social Media Network is worst for bullying

We asked you which social network was the worst for bullying and you answered with gusto. But not as much gusto as 4Chan's /pol/ board. They got really, really, really excited about it.

Which social network is the worst for bullying?

Anti-Bullying Week

We'd like to know which social network you think is the worst for bullying, and you could even win a T-shirt as a way of us saying thanks.

Is Facebook coming for your kids?

Is Facebook coming for your kids?

It's once again filed a patent application for a system that lets children sign up with the authorisation of a parent, as opposed to just slipping through the cracks by lying about their age. Is Facebook doing enough to keep them safe?

Facebook introduces Bullying Prevention Centre for UK, Europe

Facebook safety

The new centre offers a reporting flow that's smarter about language (e.g. don't use the term "report" with kids - it makes them feel like stool pigeons) and offers kids the option of getting help from someone in their circle if they need it.

Does Snapchat offer safe sexting from smartphones, or a false sense of security?

Does Snapchat offer safe sexting from smartphones, or a false sense of security?

Millions of teenagers have adopted a smartphone app which has been touted as a way of safely "sexting" and sharing photos.

But is it really a safe way to share intimate photographs of yourself?

Google, Facebook, Microsoft join non-profit to promote internet's awesomeness [VIDEO]


Can companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google fix the dangers of the internet through education, or do we need more legislation involved?

Facebook troll outed as policeman

Facebook troll outed as policeman

A UK woman has endured months of poisonous messages, email hacking, online impersonation, and her daughter's image getting pasted onto a photo of a lap dancer, all over her words of support for an X Factor contestant.