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Vote in our poll: is Google's fine of $22.5 million enough to buy privacy?

Google fined $22.5 million for not living up to its privacy promises

Google will cough up $22.5 million for putting sneaky code into its web pages, even after agreeing that it would get "comprehensive" about privacy.

But are financial sanctions enough?

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EPIC sues FTC over Google's planned privacy changes


The Electronic Privacy Information Center is suing the Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to compel the agency to stop Google's planned privacy changes.

Google apologises for Buzz privacy issues


After a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) review into whether Google snafued its launch of Buzz, a Gmail social media tool, the internet search giant apologized to its users and settled with the FTC yesterday.

Buzz over Google's $8.5 million lawsuit settlement


Google today took what it labelled the exceptional step of mass-mailing all Gmail users to announce a settlement in the Buzz lawsuit. According to Google, that lawsuit is now sorted out. But those who were hoping to pick up some personal largesse from Google's deep pockets will be disappointed.