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Arrests made after keyloggers found on public PCs at US hotels

Keyloggers found on public PCs at US hotel business centres

Proof of the lack of hygiene in publicly accessible PCs came up yet again when the US Secret Service last week warned that cybercrooks are installing keyloggers on the PCs in hotel business centers to steal personal and business information from travelers.

$20 million is not enough! How much should Facebook pay for settling sponsored stories dispute?

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A judge has rejected Facebook’s settlement offer of $10 million for lawyers and $10 million for privacy groups in a privacy lawsuit over the use of users’ names and faces in "Sponsored Stories" ads.

Facebook to pay out $10 million to settle 'Sponsored story' lawsuit

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Facebook has agreed to pay out $10 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by users unhappy over the use of their details in Sponsored Story ads.