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How dare you use my camera! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security.

A week of news distilled into a swift minute of amusing but informative video...

What WERE they thinking? Internet-enabled cameras under the security lens once again...

Vulnerability researchers at Core Security recently turned their attention on internet-enabled cameras, finding lots of holes.

And when security holes arise from features, not bugs, you really do feel like shouting aloud, "What WERE they thinking?"

Google has been accused of many things, but KILLING A DONKEY?


The Marketing Monster of Mountain View has felt the wrath of the US Federal Trade Commission on several occasions.

But callously running down an innocent pack animal in rural Bostwana? Surely that's stooping to a whole new level?

New Facebook app Facedeals scans your face to offer you deals

facedeals camera_thumb

Everyone loves a discount, especially if you get the money-off code sent straight to your phone without having to do anything.

Well, that is, apart from allowing your face to be scanned.

Fake Camera+ app hits the iPhone App Store

Fake Camera+ app

Be careful what applications you install on your computing devices - even if they come from Apple's iPhone/iPad App Store.