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SSCC 204 - You want an extension to your extension for Windows XP? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly security podcast, the award-winning Chet Chat.


The worst spam senders in the whole wide world? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

From carder busts to App Store bans - the computer security week in one swift video minute!


SSCC 196 - From Wi-Fi bugs to carder busts [PODCAST]

From bugs to busts, here's the latest episode of our weekly security news podcast - for your listening pleasure.

25 members of $15 million carding gang arrested in Romania

Wallet. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Romanian authorities have announced the arrests of 25 people in connection with a well-organised operation using cloned bank cards to withdraw cash from ATMs.

SSCC 174 - Who says law enforcement isn't tackling cybercrime? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest epsiode of our weekly Chet Chat podcast, for your listening pleasure.

From a carder ring that got busted to a spamming system that ran amuck, let yourself be amused and educated at the same time...

"Dear ATM, kindly dispense 30 banknotes as a test" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security video, for your viewing pleasure.

From scammers to spammers in just one minute...

SSCC 162 - What are *you* doing to fight cybercrime in the next 12 months? [PODCAST]

Here's this week's Chet Chat podcast!

Chester caught Duck half way up a mountain to talk about why we need synergy to fight cybercrime...

SSCC161 - What do you mean, "Trade him for Edward Snowden"? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest Chet Chat security podcast!

Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin once again turn plain old news into advice you can use.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week


Make sure you're up to date with everything we wrote in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

SSCC 149 - Apple devices ransomed, eBay breached, carders busted and more [PODCAST]


Chester Wisnieski and Paul Ducklin dig into the important security stories of the past week, and pull out some lessons we can all learn.

If you haven't listened to a "Chet Chat" before, now's the time to give it a try!

11 arrested as Europol busts Bulgarian carding gang


A joint operation between French and Bulgarian law enforcement, backed by Europol's European Cybercrime Centre, has brought down a carding gang operating out of Bulgaria and targeting victims in France and other European countries.

CarderPlanet bust, Target credit card breach, online safety for kids - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What prison sentence for the man who pioneered online carding? How many credit cards did Target lose? Does your encryption software "speak" to passers-by? How to keep your kids safe online over the holidays?

Find out in 60 seconds!

Dutch banks set common rules for online banking. But have they gone far enough?

Dutch banks set common rules for online banking

Dutch banks have agreed on a common framework of rules for their online banking customers, which they will require people to follow if they are to qualify for refunds of money stolen through phishing, carding or other forms of online fraud.

"Casher crew" from global $45m cyberheist busted in New York - 1 dead, 7 face trial

When you think of cybercrime, you probably imagine a hacker sitting far from his victims, breaking in digitally from a distance.

But when it comes to cashing out the proceeds of your crime, it's a question of "Go where the money is...and go there often."

Romanian payment card crook gets 21 months in the US - $10M losses inflicted on 150,000 card holders


Judgement Day for Romanian cybercriminal Cezar Butu.

He'll serve 21 months in a US prison for his role in a $10M carding heist against sandwich giant Subway and other US businesses.

SSCC 100 - John McAfee, OS X malware, Swiss intel, NASA laptops and Romanian carders

SSCC 100 - John McAfee, OS X malware, Swiss intelligence, NASA laptops and Romanian carders

Chester finally brings up his century with Chet Chat Episode 100 - the Benjamin Franklin edition!

Chet's guest in the 100th Chet Chat is Paul Ducklin.

Romanian hackers busted with half a MILLION credit cards from Australia - how could THAT have happened?

Romanian hackers busted with half a MILLION cards from Australia - how could THAT have happened?

A Romanian carding crew allegedly made off with half a million Aussie credit card numbers, racking up charges averaging more than $1000 each on 30,000 of them.

Half a MILLION cards from Australia. And the crooks didn't even need to leave Romania. How could THAT have happened?

Credit card fraud - want to join the party?

Credit card fraud - want to join the party?

If you're planning to get into carding and identity theft, you'd better start learning the jargon.

Here's an introduction to carder-speak...

June roundup – "90 Second News"

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Don't just read the latest computer security news – watch it in 90 seconds! Learn how Facebook 'clickjacking' actually works. Find out why Google is in the dogbox over vulnerability disclosure. See which companies had PR disasters sending out malware Read more…