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32 hackers and traders charged with $100m in "insider trading" using stolen press releases

According to the charges, even a document stolen just 36 minutes before its official release was enough to make $500k in "insider trades."

20 students charged in school sexting scandal

20 students charged in New Jersey sexting scandal

Twenty US middle and high-school students in the US are facing charges of privacy invasion after numerous explicit photos of female students were swapped by text and social media.

22-year-old "organized crime" cybercrook convicted under racketeering law gets TWENTY years


David Ray Camez was just 17 when he embarked on life as a cyberfraudster, ending up in prison for seven years. But he was subsequently also convicted under racketeering laws, which provide for stiffer penalties.

Now he's been sentenced...

Bank-raiding Gozi malware - three men charged in New York

The DoJ has published five "charging documents" filed in New York yesterday against three men accused of operating a bank-raiding malware enterprise.

The documents give a fascinating insight into a cybercrime operation...