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Yes, I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas - but HOW DID THE CROOKS KNOW THAT?

You *are* being doubly cautious for phishing campaigns over the holiday season, aren't you?

Spammers and scammers don't have to know anything about you to hit the bullseye in what might feel like a targeted attack.

Happy holidays, thanks, and a request from us to you

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It's that time of year when many of our Naked Security writers go on a little break, so you might notice we'll be a bit quieter for the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who read the site and contributed, now it's time for us to ask you for your feedback...

On tech support duty for family at Christmas? Get our free Threatsaurus...


Are you on tech support duty for your nearest and dearest over Christmas and New Year?

Would you rather be at the snow/beach?

Let the Sophos Threatsaurus help you teach your friends and family how to stay secure...

Naked Security talks about Festive Season Security on BBC Radio 5 Live's "Outriders" show...


Outriders is a BBC Radio 5 Live programme that describes itself as "exploring the frontiers of the web."

On this week's show, host Jamillah Knowles interviewed Naked Security's Paul Ducklin about security and safety on line over the festive season...

A little thanks from Naked Security

A little thanks from Naked Security

We're feeling a bit festive so we're giving away an iPad Air and lots of tshirts. Make sure you're in with a chance of winning!

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

Holiday hucksters won't stop at Cyber Monday

While the biggest shopping days of the year in the United States are now over, the scams are likely to continue through the end of the year. Read on for tips on what to look for.

Naked Security wishes you great holidays

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We're winding down a little for the Christmas break so you might find us a bit quieter than usual.

See you back here in 2012!

90-second security survey: take part and win a Christmas goodie bag from Sophos

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Social networks, personal laptops at work and internet threats. Tell us what you think, and win a goodie bag.

Spare a thought for those working this Christmas..

Beware romance scams this Christmas

There are some groups of people for whom it's just another day, who don't have the luxury of taking some time off just because it's December 25th. Yes, I'm talking about the spammers, the scammers, the cybercriminals, the identity thieves..

Data security breach at the North Pole! Santa's Naughty/Nice list compromised

Santa's data security breach

Reports from the North Pole have confirmed that Santa's Naughty/Nice list has been compromised.

The list is said to contain the name, stocking address and naughty/nice score (the child equivalent of a credit rating) of every child on earth.

Amazon shipping update email spreads malware attack in time for Christmas

Amazon shipping update email spreads malware attack in time for Christmas

Malware is being spammed out pretending to be a shipping order update from

Don't be fooled, and always be suspicious of unsolicited emails!

A short history of Christmas malware

A short history of Christmas malware

Graham Cluley jumps in his TARDIS, and takes us on a trip through time to see Christmas-related malware from 1987 to present.

Stay safe online with Sophos this Christmas


From the comfort of summer, Sophos Southern Hemisphere says, "Stay safe online this Christmas!"

We've included some holiday-time tips for your friends and family, too - don't let your cyberguard down over the festive season.

The dumbest malware attack I've seen this week

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When you've been working any length of time in the computer security business, you get pretty used to hearing from folks that the guys who write the viruses must be "evil geniuses". Well, not all of them are that smart. Read more…

Geeky Christmas fun?

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Are you working over Christmas and New Year, like Sophos Support and SophosLabs? If so, here's a bit of fun – official, educational fun! – to tide you over those hours in the office when everyone else is taking your Read more…