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How to get rid of the Lenovo "Superfish" adware

Here's how to get rid of the "Superfish" adware that was pre-installed on some Lenovo notebooks.

First Aid for Android: How to unlock your ransomed phone


What do you do when your Android device freezes or locks up so you can't do anything useful...especially if it wants $300 to let you get back to work?

Here's an Android troubleshooting technique for emergencies of this sort...

Reveton/FBI ransomware - exposed, explained and eliminated [VIDEO]

Reveton ransomware - exposed, explained and eliminated

Many of you have been asking us about the Reveton ransomware, which claims that the FBI has fined you, and locks you out of your PC until you pay up.

Learn what it looks like, and what to do if you or one of your friends and family encounter it...

'Indestructible' rootkit rumours are greatly exaggerated! Stand down from high alert!

'Indestructible' rootkit rumours are greatly exaggerated! Stand down from high alert!

LulzSec has sailed away - if not off the edge of the world, at least into a part of space and time from which it can no longer trigger scared, and scary, headlines.

It seems we needed something to replace LulzSec, and it looks as though we've found it: the indestructible rootkit!

FBI takes on Coreflood botnet - but is this a step too far?


Two weeks ago, the FBI kicked off an anti-cybercrime operation of a sort which had never been authorised before in America, taking remote remediation action against infected PCs.

Things went so well the Feds want to do more.

How to clean up the Duh iPhone worm

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I'm quite pleased about having been able to reveal the 'ohshit' password for iPhones infected with the Duh virus. I've already had emails from happy Dutch readers who have used it to get back control of their infected devices. This Read more…