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Monday review - the hot 20 stories of the week

Monday review

Get up to date with everything we wrote in the past seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

German ministry replaced brand new PCs infected with Conficker worm, rather than disinfect them

German ministry replaced brand new PCs infected with Conficker worm, rather than disinfect them

After computers in Germany became infected with the notorious Conficker worm, 170 of them were disposed of and replaced with new equipment at the taxpayers' expense.

Wouldn't it have been easier (and cheaper) to have wiped the drives and restored from a backup?

SSCC 92 - Flame, Do Not Track, TACK, Conficker and Android security

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Michael Argast from Telus joined Chet once again to discuss the week's news. Topics covered include Flame malware, Do Not Track, TACK, Conficker and Sophos Mobile Security for Android.

LinkedIn confirms hack, over 60% of stolen passwords already cracked

LinkedIn confirms hack, over 60% of stolen passwords already cracked

LinkedIn has acknowledged the password database posted online appears to be from their network. 60% of the passwords have already been discovered and we are still seeing very poor password choices among LinkedIn users.

Friday the Thirteenth - in memory of malware mayhem


It's Friday the Thirteenth, an infamous date in the history of malware.

So here's a satirical trip down memory lane to consider other dies irae in the computer virus calendar.

IHC, Mac malware, Nerd New Year, Conficker and Privacy à la Google - 60 Sec Security


Watch the latest security news in just 60 seconds!

Enjoy an IHC T-shirt sighting at Kiwicon; be unsurprised at yet more Mac malware; find out why Nerd New Year wasn't; groan because Conficker just won't go away; and get the feel for Privacy à la Google.

The Conficker worm, three years and counting


This week marks the third anniversary of Conficker's assault on our PCs. Where do we stand after doing 36 months of battle with this worm?

Conficker: how to avoid infection and what to do if you are infected

Little icky worms on a keyboard

Ahhh Conficker. A nasty family of malware that plagued computers the world over way back in November 2008. Sadly, it is still knocking about rather prolifically, so here are some top tips to avoid infection, and advice on what to do if you are infected.

Fake Conflicker.B Infection Alert puts internet users at risk

Image (1) conficker-b-malware.jpg for post 15833

The global network of spamtraps controlled by the experts inside SophosLabs are seeing a swarm of attacks today, posing as an email warning about the Conficker worm. Here is a typical message that has been spammed out by hackers: Subject: Read more…

Conficker virus outbreak at Greater Manchester Police

Image (1) greater-manchester-police.jpg for post 15804

Greater Manchester Police has been reportedly cut-off from the UK's Police National Computer system, after an outbreak of the notorious Conficker worm. As a result, the police force has been unable to carry out checks on criminals and suspect vehicles Read more…

The five most popular Clu-blog posts of 2009

The five most popular blogs of 2009

(You may want to read the first half of this countdown first) The tension is building, the champagne is nicely chilled, and I've crowbarred myself into a tuxedo, because it's almost time to reveal the most popular postings I made Read more…

The top ten Clu-blogs of 2009

Top ten blog posts of 2009

2010 is looming large, which can only mean one thing - it's time to break my holiday sabbatical and compile my annual list of the most popular Clu-blog posts of the year. Yep, fill your glasses, put another log on Read more…

Beware fake Microsoft alerts regarding Conficker worm

Image (1) conflicker-alert.jpg for post 15144

We are seeing a large number of malicious emails in our spam traps, pretending to contain advice regarding the Conficker worm. Here is a typical message: Subject: Conflicker.B Infection Alert Attached file: Message body: Dear Microsoft Customer, Starting 18/10/2009 Read more…

Can you trust Conficker clean-up advice on Twitter?

Default image

I would be cautious of trusting Twitter users who recommend you try Trend Micro to clean-up the Conficker worm. Not because Trend Micro can't help you remove the Conficker worm (I'm sure they can), but because it could be that Read more…

Many PCs still not patched against Conficker vulnerability

Image (1) endpoint-assessment.jpg for post 12053

Scott Lewis in our Columbus office has been doing some number crunching, and come up with some disturbing statistics after examining the data produced by Sophos's free endpoint assessment test. The Sophos Endpoint Assessment Test is a free tool that Read more…

New domains and processes blocked by Conficker update

Default image

Our analysis of the new Conficker variant that first appeared around a day ago is ongoing. We now know that as well as the executable component, an update to the Conficker DLL in the system32 folder is installed. Initial analysis Read more…

Conficker headline competition - we have a winner!

Image (1) fox-time-bomb.jpg for post 12045

Thanks to everyone who entered the Conficker news headline competition I was running earlier this week. Here's just a few of the entries: Conficker: world's greatest April Fool's joke or 'digital Pearl Harbor'? Conficker: Doomsday or Rickroll? Brainy worm might Read more…

Conficker-C: A technical analysis

Image (2) conficker-cover.jpg for post 12039

Niall Fitzgibbon and Mike Wood in SophosLabs have written a detailed technical paper analysing the latest version of the Conficker worm. It's an excellent piece of research, but not for the faint-hearted so be sure to be wearing your propeller Read more…

So, who did hype up Conficker?

Image (1) conficker-headlines.jpg for post 12038

Charles Arthur has written a curious piece on The Guardian website this morning: "Antivirus companies' worst fears realised as Conficker does... nothing". Charles argues that it was some parts of the anti-virus industry that started the panic, but unfortunately doesn't Read more…

What's the best Conficker news headline you've seen?

Image (1) conficker-headlines.jpg for post 12036

The hours are ticking down to April 1st - in fact, in some parts of the world it's already April Fool's Day. (Wave to our friends in eastern Australia and New Zealand!) But Conficker works at its own pace, and Read more…