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Assessing the impact of the Blackhole arrests


News has surfaced that the criminals behind the Blackhole exploit kit have been arrested.

Now, everyone wants to know, "Will the arrest have any effect on the prevalence of the threat?"

Fraser Howard of SophosLabs looks at the data...

Abuse of .EU domains by malware gangs continues despite Registrar notification

Abuse of .eu domains continues despite Registrar notification

What do you do when attackers are abusing legitimate domain Registration services?

How do you stop or at least disrupt the malicious attacks?

Reporting the incident to the appropriate Registrar is the correct course of action, but as you can read, doing so does not necessarily guarantee results.

Blackhole exploit kit confusion. Custom builds or copycats?

Blackhole exploit kit confusion. Custom builds or copycats?

Are some of the different variants of Blackhole exploit kit that SophosLabs are seeing actually new versions of this popular Exploit kit? Or simply copycats created by other groups?