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Miley Cyrus smoking a bong video hides Facebook survey scam

Miley Cyrus smoking a bong video hides Facebook survey scam

A video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong might be sensational footage, but do you really want to play into the hands of Facebook scammers?

Wise up to the tricks used by survey scammers on the social network, and don't be part of the problem.

Free 150 FB Credits? Latest Facebook scam spreads its tentacles wide

Scam: 150 free Facebook credits

Facebook's virtual currency, Facebook Credits, is being used as bait by scammers driving users to money-making surveys.

Harmless prank ends in tragedy? No surprise it's a Facebook survey scam

Facebook scam tricks users with tragic prank video

Scammers are spreading links to a disturbing video which purports to show a harmless prank ending in tragedy. But, in reality, the scammers are earning commission and are abusing your Facebook account to spread their money-making venture wider.

Daughter meets father on Chat Roulette Facebook scam - explained in diagram form

Daughter meets father on Chat Roulette Facebook scam

With the help of his trusty pink crayon, Sophos's Graham Cluley explains the latest viral scam spreading on the Facebook social network.

Lost all respect for Miley Cyrus? Facebook survey scam spreads virally

Miley Cyrus Facebook scam

Have your Facebook friends lost all respect for Miley Cyrus?

Or have they just fallen for a Facebook survey scam..

Want to know who has blocked you on Facebook? Survey scammers take advantage

Rogue application punts survey scams on Facebook

Think a Facebook app can tell you which of your friends has blocked you? Think again. Scammers exploit social networkers once again with revenue-generating surveys.

Facebook sues CPALead CTO for alleged survey spamming

Facebook sues CPALead CTO for alleged survey spamming

Steven Richter and Jason Swan of Las Vegas, and an affiliate marketing company, MaxBounty, are accused of participating in the schemes that promised Facebook users non-existent "Dislike" buttons or "Facebook Gold" accounts, but directed them to revenue-generating surveys instead.

Facebook users clickjacked by the 101 Hottest Women in the World

Facebook users clickjacked by world's most beautiful women

Beware Jessica Alba! She may (or may not) be one of the 101 hottest women in the world - but she is also being used as a lure by Facebook survey scammers.

Anatomy of a free Starbucks gift card scam

Image (1) starbucksscam1.png for post 25072

One trait that I developed since I started with Sophos is being calm under pressure. With virus and spam outbreaks, analysts needs to keep their nerves to analyze the situation and proceed to deal with the new threat. So, I Read more…

Sneaky survey adverts prey on ham-fisted Wikipedia users

Image (1) wikpedia.jpg for post 13627

Do you have Wikipedia bookmarked as one of your favourite websites, or do you just type its URL into your web browser? Well, be careful if you're a clumsy typist because advertisers may be trying to take advantage of you Read more…