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Law enforcement is learning to navigate the Dark Web

INTERPOL trains law enforcement to navigate the Darknet

Police from 11 countries got to role-play as vendors, buyers and admins on a virtual Darknet, replete with illicit marketplaces and cryptocurrencies.

Adult FriendFinder hacked, users' intimate details exposed on Dark Web


Adult FriendFinder, a website billed as a way for people to "find friends, sex, flings and hookups," has had a serious data breach. Now millions of people who thought they were using a discrete service to find casual sex have had their private information exposed online.

Police seize robot and its shopping, including drugs, master keys and stash can

Police seize robot's Darknet shopping, including drugs, jeans and stash can

"The Random Darknet Shopper" robot enjoyed a 3-month shopping spree on the Darknet, which included ordering 10 tablets of 120mg MDMA.

GCHQ and police team up to hunt down child abusers on the darknet

GCHQ and police teaming up to hunt down child abusers on the darknet

A major crackdown on child-abuse imagery includes a new law making it illegal for an adult to send a sexual communication to a child.

Tor and the Deepnet: What price does society pay for anonymity?

Tor and the Deepnet: What price does society pay for anonymity?

Hidden on the net is online content which is not so easily accessed, known as the Deepnet (also sometimes called Darknet, the Deep Web or Hidden Web).

Julian Bhardwaj takes us on a tour, and asks should computer users be allowed to remain anonymous online?

Lolita City, and other alleged child porn websites, attacked by Anonymous

Did the Anonymous hackers do the right thing?

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has declared war on internet paedophiles, attacking websites it accuses of carrying child abuse images and videos, and declaring that anyone who hosts, promotes or supports child pornography is a target.