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London Marathon website goof leaks 38,000 contact details

London Marathon website goof leaks 38,000 contact details

The home addresses and personal email details of some 38,000 participants in Sunday's London Marathon were exposed for anyone to access on the race's official website.

Celebrities were amongst those who had their private details exposed by the glitch.

Games developer Rockyou fined $250K for not securely storing customer data

rockyou faces FTC fines

Rockyou were fined by the FTC for storing customer data in plain text. 32 million login details were stolen and published on the web. What can the rest of us learn from this?

Corrupt call center workers selling your private information for pennies

Corrupt call center workers selling your private information for pennies

An undercover investigation in India has uncovered that some call center workers have been selling confidential information on nearly 500,000 Britons.

Digital Playground porn passwords exposed by hackers

Digital Playground porn passwords exposed by hackers

A hacking group calling itself The Consortium claims to have stolen the details of more than 70,000 users of the Digital Playground porn website.

Cloud storage data risks and encryption


Are you encrypting the data you keep in the cloud? Or are you trusting the cloud storage providers to do a decent job at security?

350,000 users exposed by hardcore porn hack

XXX on fire

A hacker claims to have stolen information from 350,000 users of Brazzers, a hardcore production company based in North America, to highlight a security vulnerability.

Encrypted? Check. Strong passphrase? Check. Mailing them together? Oops.

Jailed terrorist gets 4 more months for refusing to hand over USB stick password

Encryption only helps secure your data when the keys are a secret, a lesson learned the hard way by Ernst and Young and Regions Financial.

DreamHost warns customers of possible password breach

DreamHost warns customers of possible password breach

A database server at DreamHost is illegally accessed by a hacker, and the passwords of some customers may have been compromised.

Symantec source code breach saga continues


The wrangle between Indian cybercrew The Lords of Dhamaraja and Symantec over a source code breach in 2006 continues.

Whatever happened, the fact remains: this was a cybercrime and the "hackers" are the crooks.

Zappos turns off phones after up to 24 million customer records exposed

Zappos data breach

Online shoe and clothing retailer has warned its users that it has suffered a massive data breach, impacting up to 24 million customers.

Despite what you may think, IT security *is* your business

3D illustration of grey office for routine work

If you spend a lot of time paying attention to IT (in)security it can drive you to rant on occasion. This is one of those occasions, as too many companies are putting their future and their customers at risk thinking that "IT security isn't our busniess".

Stolen Stratfor mailing list used to Rickroll customers... This time


Customers of Stratfor who had their account details published by Anonymous last month started receiving joke spam messages today containing the famous Rickroll video. This message is a pertinent reminder that many of our emails and business relationships were disclosed by cyber criminals last year and to never click links or open attachments in email messages.

Safeguards for ethical hackers spurned by Australian government

Australia spurns ethical hacker protection

The Australian government has thumbed its nose at legal safeguards for ethical hackers, according to security researcher Alana Maurushat.

Industry professionals say they went out of their way to submit proposals for recent reviews of cybercrime laws, but the government decided to reject them all.

Anonymous and LulzSec trawl Google Code search for security holes


A new report suggests that Google's Code Search is being used by groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous to find passwords and other private data, gain access to secure networks and decide who their next victim should be.

Personal data of 65,000 FoxyBingo players sold for cash


A former gambling industry worker who sold personal data relating to over 65,000 online bingo players has been found guilty under the Data Protection Act.

Adidas tripped up by cyber attack and takes down sites


The popular sportswear manufacturer Adidas has suffered a "sophisticated, criminal cyber attack" made against a number of its sites.

Scarlett had her Yahoo eyeballed - how to avoid it happening to you


Advice for Scarlett Johansson on how to ensure that her Yahoo mail and private photos can *never* be automatically forwarded.

Socialbot Network finds it easy to harvest data from Facebook users

Socialbot Network finds it easy to harvest data from Facebook users

Researchers have claimed that Facebook's inbuilt security systems are "not effective enough" at stopping automated identity theft, after running a large-scale infiltration of the network using Socialbots.

Top journalists' email passwords made public, as scandal impacts over 200,000


A security scandal is making news headlines in Sweden as claims are made that newspaper journalists and politicians were spied upon, hundreds of thousands of users have their details exposed, and a major blogging portal shuts its doors.

Hackers steal data on nuclear plants and fighter jets

Hackers steal data on nuclear plants and fighter jets

A high-tech military contractor, which suffered an attack from hackers earlier this year, is reported to have lost sensitive data related to defence equipment including fighter jet planes and nuclear power plant plans.