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SSCC 207 - Windows 2003 R2? The train stops here! [PODCAST]

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No jail for Lizard Squad member guilty of 50,700 cybercrime charges

No jail for Lizard Squad member guilty of 50,700 counts of cybercrime

The Lizard Squad spokesman Julius "zeekill" Kivimaki has been given a suspended sentence and ordered to "fight against cybercrime".

Blackshades RAT co-author sentenced to 57 months in prison

Blackshades RAT co-author sentenced to 57 months in prison

Alex Yucel, co-creator of the Blackshades Remote Access Trojan (RAT), has been sentenced for selling and distributing the malware since 2010.

Katie Hopkins has her Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

Katie Hopkins' Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

The controversial Katie Hopkins had her Twitter account hacked by someone threatening to release a bogus sex tape.

High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

He might face state and federal charges. The attack crippled more than 50 schools, forcing some students to retake tests multiple times, among other miseries.

Facebook login system blocked by Great Firewall of China causing DDoS panic

Facebook. Image courtesy of tanuha2001/Shutterstock

China's Great Firewall has been intercepting the Javascript module from Facebook Login, redirecting users to an unexpected pair of websites.

Lizard Squad returns, claims attack on Xbox Live and Daybreak Games

Lizard. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Hacking group Lizard Squad has returned, apparently disrupting Microsoft's Xbox Live service and Daybreak Games with DDoS attacks.

Cops arrest another man after Christmas PlayStation/Xbox DDoS

Arrest. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Police have arrested a second man in connection with the Lizard Squad's Grinch-like Christmas attack on gamers.

The mystery of the missing Bitcoins - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security video for your viewing pleasure.

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Have the cops busted one of the Lizard Squad?


The "Lizard Squad" took out Microsoft's and Sony's games networks on Christmas Day.

Everyone involved knew in advance that law enforcement would be *very* interested in whodunnit...

Lizard Squad member 'Ryan' explains why it's OK to ruin Christmas


A man claiming to represent Lizard Squad, the group behind the Christmas day attacks on the Xbox and Playstation networks, has explained why they did it.

Teenager pleads guilty to massive Spamhaus DDoS attack

Hacker. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A 17-year-old has pleaded guilty to taking part in the 2013 DDoS attack - the largest ever - against Spamhaus and internet exchanges.

100 Bitcoin bounty slapped onto head of blackmailer who DDoSed Bitalo

Bitcoin. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

No, thank you, we will *not* pay you 1 Bitcoin to stop the attack and teach us about our supposed vulnerabilities, Bitalo said, after being threatened with a DDoS. Instead, we will pay 100x that amount to track you down.

'Anti-Facebook' Ello: swamped with privacy-hungry refugees, bouncing back from DDoS

Ello logo

Either somebody really, really hates the idea of a social media platform that doesn't sell ads based on user data, or Ello is so popular it got trampled. Either way, it's been an outage-plagued few days for the service that thinks ad-based social networks are corrupt.

"Lizard Squad" hackers force PSN offline and Sony exec from the sky

"Lizard Squad" hackers force PSN offline and Sony exec from the sky

Hackers calling themselves "Lizard Squad" tweeted a bomb threat that forced a plane with Sony Online Entertainment's president on board to divert for an emergency landing on Sunday. At the same time, a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack flooded traffic to Sony's PlayStation Network, forcing the gaming network offline for a short time.

Anonymous takes on Boston Children's Hospital in #opJustina

Anonymous takes on case of custody battle over US girl, goes after Boston Children's Hospital

Last week, outrage over the case of Justina Pellitier rose to a head and burst into cyber warfare when people affiliating themselves with Anonymous launched #opJustina. DDoS attacks preceded the #op launch and continued throughout the week.

DDoS attack takes out NATO websites, Ukraine connection claimed

DDoS attack takes out NATO websites, Ukraine connection claimed

Pro-Russian Ukrainian hacktivist group, 'Cyber Berkut', claim to be behind the attacks on the main NATO public website. NATO insisted there was "no operational impact", but further cyber incidents are likely to emerge from the current political struggle between Russia and Ukraine.

Meetup.com DDoSed by extortionist, refuses to pay ransom

Meetup.com DDoSed by extortionist, refuse to pay ransom

The site's been under attack since Thursday. The cyber-extortionists behind it have demanded $300, but Meetup won't pay even this ridiculously small amount, for very good reasons.

10,000 euro bounty offered for Wurm Online DDoSer

Wurm logo

A bounty of 10,000 euros (around $13,700) has been offered in return for information that leads to the conviction of those responsible for a recent DDoS attack on MMORPG Wurm Online.

Bug, not DDoS, took down US court systems - just like Gmail

Bug. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Several US judicial system websites were offline for a spell on Friday, prompting immediate worries of some kind of organised cyber assault aimed at bringing the nation's legal system to its knees.