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Is your webcam or baby monitor video feed being streamed to this website?

Privacy-ignoring site streams from unsecured cameras in nurseries and bedrooms

A website is searching for and publishing streams from internet-enabled cameras secured only with default passwords. Make sure you're not one of them.

Yahoo (finally!) to make SSL encryption the default for webmail

Yahoo (finally!) to make SSL encryption the default for webmail

In January this year, after a head-scratchingly long time, Yahoo Mail finally rolled out the option of protecting users' privacy with HTTPS. It's now confirmed it'll make it the default setting on 8 January 2014.

Ducati Diavel - power, speed, looks, and a vulnerability lesson for Friday afternoon


Naked Security reader Sean, who has an eye for wacky security holes, recently pointed me at the Ducati Diavel motorcycle Default Ignition Password vulnerability.

But is it true? Can you really walk up to Ducati's latest musclebike and simply ride away?