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Facebook threats against Pokémon World Championships lead to arrests in Boston


Two men are being held without bail after they allegedly made threats on Facebook promising violence against attendees of the Pokémon World Championships.

Court might force US to reveal details of secret wireless kill switch

Court might force US to reveal details of secret WiFi kill switch

The Feds have been arguing for years that disclosing the protocol, SOP 303, would endanger people.

Super Bowl XLIX - a costly spectacle amid heightened security and surveillance


The Department of Homeland Security has declared that there is not a specific, credible threat against the Super Bowl this year, but that's not stopping the agency from going all out on security and surveillance.

Department of Homeland Security employee data breached in "state-sponsored attack"

DHS employee data breached in what looks like a state-sponsored attack

Personal data may well have been snatched out of the US government's top employee background-checking firm in what officials are calling a major security breach.

Report shows US federal agencies are failing to employ very basic security measures

US federal agencies. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Everything from passwords being left around on desks to computers missing critical patches to sensitive data being stored on unencrypted laptops. Believe it or not - that's just the 'tame' stuff. It gets worse. Much worse.

US Homeland Security must disclose 'internet kill switch', court rules

US Homeland Security must disclose 'internet kill switch', court rules

The kill switch - aka Standard Operating Procedure 303 - describes a shutdown and restoration process for wireless networks in the event of a national crisis that would prevent, among other things, the remote triggering of radio-activated explosives.

$80 million yacht hijacked by students spoofing GPS signals

$80 million yacht hijacked by students spoofing GPS signals

Students from the University of Texas/Cockrell School of Engineering successfully managed to spoof a ship's GPS signals, sending counterfeit signals that slowly, subtly overpowered the authentic GPS signals until the ship ultimately came under their control

White House mulls waving cash at businesses to get them to beef up cybersecurity

White House mulls waving cash at businesses to get them to beef up cybersecurity

Specifically, the US government is reportedly thinking about tax breaks, insurance perks and limited lawsuit protection for organizations that opt in to standards that are now getting hammered out.

Monday review - the hot 20 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

"Unless it is absolutely necessary to run Java in web browsers, disable it", DHS-sponsored CERT team says

Even if you've patched, it may be time to turn Java off in your browser

Can you really justify having Java installed on your main web browser any more? Even if you have installed the latest security patch?

It's time to rip Java out of your browser for better security... unless you have a really good reason not to.

Drone hijacked by hackers from Texas college with $1,000 spoofer


University researchers have hacked and hijacked a drone, after officials from the Department of Homeland Security offered them $1,000 to try.

Interest in Cryptocat spikes following developer's interrogation at US border


Interest in a free, encrypted web chat service called Cryptocat has spiked following the detainment and interrogation of its developer at the US border.

Yet another US Government cyber tsar at US-CERT resigns


Imagine being responsible for safeguarding the entirety of the United States against cyber attacks. I think we can all agree it would be pretty stressful. Perhaps it is no wonder that Randy Vickers just resigned from US-CERT, effective immediately.

"Pentagon" delivers Zbot via "DHS"

"Pentagon" delivers Zbot via "DHS"

We're currently seeing a limited-volume run of spam messages linking to a zip file containing Zbot/Zeus malware. The messages purport to be from the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, or the Transportation Security Administration. The subjects of the spam Read more…