dictionary attack

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What Ashley Madison got right

Ashley Madison

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even for Ashley Madison customers.

OK, it's a tiny silver lining, but the stolen passwords were hashed decently...

WordPress blogs and more under global attack - check your passwords now!

If you have a web service that supports remote users, you will know that malevolent login attempts are an everyday occurrence.

But hosting providers worldwide are reporting an onslaught at well above average levels...

"Rude password - login denied": the AT&T April Fool that wasn't


Why, and more importantly, *how*, would you go about weeding out rude passwords?

Surely an April Fool?

Paul Ducklin takes a look...

Kim Dotcom takes issue with critics taking issue with his new MEGA service

The party-time news of the past weekend was the launch of Kim Dotcom's comeback file sharing service, Mega.

Crypto critics have already taken issue with some aspects of Mega's implementation, and Dotcom has taken issue right back at them...