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Another breach, sneaky Android malware, and the Privacy Plan Diet - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Surely not another payment card breach? Android malware that jumps the airgap? And what's this about a Privacy Plan Diet?

60 Sec Security - 01 Feb 2014.

Acai Berry fake news website operators fined millions of dollars by FTC

Acai Berry fake news website operators fined millions of dollars by FTC

The firm behind fake websites such as "News 6 News Alerts," "Health News Health Alerts," or "Health 5 Beat Health News" has had to cease its deceptive operations after it was fined by the FTC.

"Omg this is so cool!" Pinterest hack feeds spam to Twitter and Facebook

Pintrest logo

Another rash of account takeovers on the photo-sharing site Pinterest has spilled over onto Twitter and Facebook, as spammers take advantage of linked accounts.

Hacked email accounts unleash waves of weight loss spam

Hacked email accounts unleash weight loss spam tidalwave

A weight loss spam campaign, being sent from hacked email accounts, is being seen in extremely high numbers.

SophosLabs expert Fraser Howard investigates.

Pinterest diet spam - is the site doing enough to stop it?

Pinterest diet spam

As Pinterest's popularity increases, so do the reports of spam on the fast-growing photo-sharing network.

Is the website doing enough to counter the threat?

Hack of Hyatt Twitter account by Acai Berry spammers is a warning for us all

Hyatt Acai Berry Twitter hack

Acai Berry spammers briefly take over Twitter account belonging to Hyatt Hotels.

Is your company taking the security of its social media accounts seriously enough?

Pinterest spam promotes Acai Berry diet

Pinterest spam promotes Acai Berry diet. Image from Shutterstock

Acai Berry diet spammers are hawking miracle diets on Pinterest.

Don't be duped into clicking on the links!

HCG diet spam attack hits Facebook users, spreads rapidly

HCG diet spam hits Facebook users

Once again, Facebook users are being hit by a barrage of spam - this time claiming to promote a diet.

Is your Twitter account hacked and sending out 'Beach Body' spam?

Compromised Twitter accounts sending out 'Beach Body' spam

Thousands of Twitter users are seeing unexpected messsages from hacked online friends promoting a weight loss supplement that will, allegedly, "get the beach body you've always wanted".