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New updated Virus Removal Tool from Sophos now available


Sophos has just released an updated version of its free and very popular Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Free virus removal tool: 27% found malware missed by existing anti-virus


Sophos's free virus removal tool has been updated and reissued, thanks to feedback from Naked Security readers. It now is 20% faster and has better detection and clean-up capabilities.

Free Virus Removal Tool for download from Sophos


Sophos has just launched a free, no strings attached, Virus Removal Tool to detect and, more importantly, disinfect all those nasty viruses, spyware, rootkits and even fake antivirus.

How to clean up the Duh iPhone worm

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I'm quite pleased about having been able to reveal the 'ohshit' password for iPhones infected with the Duh virus. I've already had emails from happy Dutch readers who have used it to get back control of their infected devices. This Read more…