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Kim Dotcom of Megaupload will finally face the music over extradition

The big fella from New Zealand has failed to delay his extradition hearing for the umpteenth time.

He'll face the music next week...

Gozi banking Trojan co-author pleads guilty


Latvian Deniss Calovskis may face as little as 2 years in jail for his role in developing the Gozi banking Trojan that infected over a million computers around the world.

US law enforcement now needs a warrant to use stingrays


Federal law enforcement agencies will now require a warrant before they can deploy stingrays and other similar devices. Any data collected will also have to be deleted post haste.

Wikimedia joins forces with others to sue NSA, DOJ over mass surveillance

Wikimedia sues NSA, DOJ to stop spying

The ACLU has filed a suit on behalf of rights groups against the NSA's spying program - in particular, its large-scale search and seizure of internet communications, commonly referred to as upstream surveillance.

If the government confiscates your spyware, where does it end up? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly "60 Second Security" video.

An entertaining way to turn news into knowledge...and it only takes a minute!

Twitter sues US federal agencies in attempt to remove the gag around surveillance

Twitter sues US federal agencies in attempt to remove the gag around surveillance

Twitter doesn't want its transparency report to be fuzzy to the point of meaninglessness, full of "broad, inexact ranges" about how many times the US government has shaken it down in its surveillance operations, it says – for example, by counting them to the nearest thousand.

Gameover and CryptoLocker revisited - the important lessons we can learn


Which is worse - Gameover or CryptoLocker?

What can we learn from the recent US-led takedown of this notorious crimeware?

More importantly, what advice should we be passing on to other people?

Mobile malware, Gameover, CryptoLocker, and SSL/TLS holes - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How long has mobile malware been around? Is it really game over for Gameover and CryptoLocker? Which cryptographic security libraries need patching?

It'll only take a minute to find out...

Has CryptoLocker been cracked? Is Gameover over?


Gameover is one of the most notorious botnets of recent times. And CryptoLocker is the Big Daddy of the ransomware scene.

But a team of global law enforcement agencies has taken them on...and YOU can help them win!

US Attorney General calls for unified data breach notification laws

Eric Holder

US Attorney General Eric Holder has used his weekly video message to demanded Congress get busy developing a "strong national standard" for breach notifications in the wake of the Target and Neiman Markus leaks.

Target says hackers got in by using a vendor's credentials

Target says hackers got in through a vendor

The company has reportedly shut down remote access to at least two internal systems: one for HR and one for suppliers. And yes, the DOJ is investigating this, one of the biggest breaches of all time.

DOJ: 'Locking its front gate' doesn't let Lavabit off the hook for search warrants

Lavabit logo

You can't get out of cooperating with government-ordered electronic surveillance by shutting down, any more than a business can stop police from executing a search warrant by locking its front gate, the US government tutted at former encrypted-email provider Lavabit.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

US DOJ secretly swiped Associated Press phone records

US DOJ secretly swiped Associated Press phone records

The AP reports that records for two months of calls to 20 lines were seized, including a phone line straight into the heart of the House of Representatives. Congress, to its credit, is not amused.

Bank-raiding Gozi malware - three men charged in New York

The DoJ has published five "charging documents" filed in New York yesterday against three men accused of operating a bank-raiding malware enterprise.

The documents give a fascinating insight into a cybercrime operation...

Anonymous avenges Aaron Swartz - MIT and DoJ websites allegedly hacked

Anonymous is reported to have downed the website of the Massachussets Institute of Technology.

MIT's network is where internet activist Aaron Swartz was charged with leeching millions of academic articles back in 2011. Tragically, Swartz killed himsef last week.

Feds snooping on email activity and social networks, without warrants - and it's on the rise


Documents released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Thursday show that law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have greatly increased surveillance of Americans’ electronic communications – often without a warrant or judicial oversight.

Megaupload takedown makes headlines and waves as Mr Dotcom applies for bail


The FBI's takedown of file sharing site Megaupload continues to make both headlines and waves.

Whether company founder Kim Dotcom turns out to be GUILTY or GOOD, he's certainly in a lot of trouble right now. So is anyone who entrusted any files of value to his online empire.