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Another breach, sneaky Android malware, and the Privacy Plan Diet - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Surely not another payment card breach? Android malware that jumps the airgap? And what's this about a Privacy Plan Diet?

60 Sec Security - 01 Feb 2014.

Report from the future: Data Privacy in the year 2044


It's Data Privacy Day today, 28 January 2014.

So we asked Naked Security's Virtual Futurist, Frank di Scorse, to go forward 30 years and report back from the future on Data Privacy Day 2044....

Privacy is not dead - you're just doing it wrong


Today is Data Privacy Day. While many have declared privacy to be dead, it isn't up to them, it is up to you.

Being aware about what you are sharing with whom can go a long way towards preserving your privacy.

Smartphone apps are sending your data to China

apps coming out of smartphone

A Sunday Times report found that many smartphone apps are collecting too much personal data and then sending it outside the EU to the US, Israel, China and India. But do these countries meet EU data protection standards?