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I've just received a malicious Christmas card - in June!


You've only got yourself to blame if you open a malware-laden email, if it claims to be a Christmas card in the middle of the year!

Gift card from your friend? Beware spammed out malware attack

Gift card from your friend? Beware spammed-out malware attack

Cybercriminals are attempting to infect email users by spamming out a Trojan horse, posing as a gift card from a friend.

Ecard adult dating spam tempts with risque photos and videos

Ecard adult dating spam tempts with risque photos and videos

Have you received an email from someone who claims to have a "huge crush on you"?

Ecard spam campaign is designed to sign you up for adult dating site.

No, you've not received a postcard from a family member

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Over the weekend there has been a new wave of attacks spammed out, spreading a version of the Bredo Trojan horse via malicious emails. The emails claim to be an ecard from a family member, but opening the attachment can Read more…

The dumbest malware attack I've seen this week

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When you've been working any length of time in the computer security business, you get pretty used to hearing from folks that the guys who write the viruses must be "evil geniuses". Well, not all of them are that smart. Read more…

Postcards from a family member really contain malware

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SophosLabs has intercepted a widespread attack by hackers who have spammed out a Trojan horse posing as an electronic greeting card from a family member. The emails have the following characteristics: Subject line: Postcard from a Family Member Attached file: Read more…

AOL phisher jailed for four years

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Earlier this week I blogged about how Thomas Taylor Jr, a member of an ecard identity theft gang that targeted users of AOL, had managed to escape a spell in prison. One of Taylor's co-conspirators, Charlie Blount Jr, wasn't so Read more…

Public information film about Valentine eCard threat

Public information film about Valentine eCard threat

Following an experiment with a time machine, a tin of turps and an old copy of the Radio Times, the following sexist public information film appeared on my desk this morning. It provides some old-fashioned sound advice on the threat Read more…

Valentine's Flash - Tainted Love

Valentine's Flash - Tainted Love

It made a change today to see malware in a Valentine's-based spam run that wasn't related to Dorf. Nor was it a Pushdo, nor even a Zapchas (though we've seen some of those this week too). Today's spam looked very Read more…