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300 million non-suspects could be caught up in airline passenger info grab, warns privacy chief


European law makers want data on all airline travelers to be available to intelligence agencies - a move that breaches EU privacy laws, he said.

Google's 'right to be forgotten' appeal - France says 'non!'


Google and other search engines could potentially face fines of up to 5% of their global operating costs if they do not comply.

Google ordered to remove links to 'right to be forgotten' removal stories


The UK Information Commissioner's Office has ordered Google to remove search result links to news stories about right to be forgotten link removals.

Children should have the right to be forgotten, says iRights campaign

Child. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A new children's privacy rights campaign has attracted backing from ministers, business leaders and academics.

Google slip reveals why people exercise their "right to be forgotten"


As data reveals only 5% of right to be forgotten requests come from high profile figures and criminals, can we say the ruling has been a success?

Is that a Flash 0-day hole I see before me? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Patches, hacking and keeping your head down online: our weekly 1-minute fun news video that's educational, too!

Zeus and SpyEye crime syndicate taken down by Europol


A European operation coordinated by Europol and Eurojust has dismantled an online crime syndicate thought to have caused €2m of damage with the Zeus and SpyEye banking trojans.

EU accuses Google of abusing search dominance, opens Android investigation

google EU_250

The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its status as the 800-lb. search gorilla and has launched a separate investigation into its Android mobile operating system.

The email that caused a literal meltdown - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

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EU to demand 2-factor for online payments by August 2015?


The European Banking Authority is nearly, if not quite, insisting on two-factor authentication by August 2015.

If companies that do business in Europe have to comply, could this help boost two-factor in the US and elsewhere?

Google ordered to forget 'endangered' man's search results by Tokyo court

Tokyo court orders Google to forget 'endangered' man's search results

Takedown-rights fever has hit Tokyo, where a District Court on Thursday issued an injunction forcing Google to take down about 120 of 230 search results about a Japanese man that implicated him in past crimes because he felt his life was being endangered by the search results.

Google grapples anew with EC in the search/advertising antitrust swamp

Google v EC

The EC's poked the sleeping dragon, yet again reopening a four-year antitrust investigation that puts Google in the hot seat. The surprise move comes after rivals fumed loud and hard about getting unfairly shut out in the most recent settlement. This time, Android may be up for investigation, too.

Google et al slammed by justice chief over 'right to be forgotten'

Question mark. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Europe’s Commissioner for Justice, Martine Reicherts, has slammed Google and other opponents of the 'right to be forgotten' ruling, claiming that they are attempting to undermine the reform.

'Hidden from Google' site remembers the pages Google's forced to forget

'Hidden from Google" site remembers the pages Google's forced to forget

The newly launched site is archiving the pages Google was forced to de-index in the name of opening up to the internet as a whole the discussion regarding what should or should not be "forgotten."

Google to flag 'right to be forgotten' censored search results

Google to flag 'right to be forgotten' censored search results

Google is reportedly planning to put an alert on the bottom of every page where links have been removed in the wake of the recent "right to be forgotten" court ruling.

12,000 Europeans ask Google to forget them

12,000 Europeans ask Google to forget them

Those are the results from just Day 1 of a web form to allow Europeans to request that outdated information about them be removed from Google's search results. Will those numbers continue, or is there just a pent-up demand of people wanting to blip their existence off the internet?

People have the right to be e-forgotten, EU court rules against Google

Delete button. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Some call it a privacy win, some call it a quagmire where free speech will suffer, some say it's irrelevant because plenty of US search companies are shielded by the First Amendment.

Is Snowden reshaping global privacy?


This week, the European Parliament met and discussed written testimony from US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The EU legislators also passed a new pan-European data privacy law backed by stiffer penalties...

Privacy officials from six nations want answers about Google Glass

Privacy officials from six nations want answers about Google Glass

The privacy officials of six countries and the European Commission have a host of questions about Google Glass, wouldn't mind getting their hands on the devices, and are wondering why, exactly, Google hasn't rung most of them up to hash out the privacy issues?

EU's Cybersecurity Strategy gets harsh criticism from data protection advocate

EU's cybersecurity strategy gets harsh criticism by data protection advocate

A top EU data privacy advocate has criticised the European Union's plans to combat cybercrime, saying they don't provide enough protection for personal data. He's also suggested that too little attention has been paid to existing regulations and agencies.