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Do Not Track - the privacy standard that's melting away

The melting privacy glacier

Do Not Track hasn't been in the news lately but that's only because it's failing too slowly for the naked eye to see. It's melting away like a giant glacier and its meltwater is slowly washing away any hope for an industry standard that puts consumers in control of who can track them.

3 security mistakes small companies make and how to avoid them

3 security mistakes small companies make

Dedicated IT staff are a luxury most very small businesses do without but those organisations still need to find a way to secure their computers against cyber ciminals who aren't looking to cut them a break just because they're small.

AnonGhost hackers deface a fake bank site

AnonGhost hackers deface a fake bank site

"We are watching you / Don't close your eyes," they wrote on the site, which conceivably might have been scary if they'd actually managed to hack their (presumably) intended target, Yorkshire Bank.

Facebook CAPTCHA fail

Facebook CAPTCHA fail

When CAPTCHAs fail..

Groupon subsidiary leaks 300K logins, fixes fail, fails again


SoSasta, the Indian subsidiary of digital discount kings Groupon, leaked 300,000 usernames and plaintext passwords.

They've now closed the leak. But is the problem really fixed?