Fake anti-virus

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"That's not a hack..." - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our latest 60 Second Security video.

One week of news in one amusingly informative minute...

FTC smackdown! More fake support scammers taken out...


The FTC has taken out more fake support scammers who are said to have badgered consumers into parting with more than $120 million.

In return, the consumers received technical smoke and mirrors that was worth absolutely nothing.

SSCC 156 - Warbiking in Manhattan, hubris for Google, and how less can be more [PODCAST]

Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin are back with this week's security podcast, turning plain old news into advice you can use.

Android "police warning" ransomware - how to avoid it, and what to do if you get caught


With ransomware like "Koler" making its way to Android, locking your device and demanding $300 to keep you out of trouble with the police, it's important to keep informed about Android threats.

John Zorabedian gives you five tips on how to keep your Android safe...

Heartbleed, Google Play and XP - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How hard is Heartbleed recovery? How hard does Google Play try to keep the garbage out? And how hard are you trying to get over XP?

60 Second Security has the answers in a short, fun security video.

Google takes down fake anti-virus app that duped 10,000 users on Play Store


The Virus Shield app cost $3.99 and claimed to be a scanner that protected Android devices from viruses, while promising to never annoy users with pop-up ads found on many free apps.

Too bad for the 10,000 people who paid for it - Virus Shield was a fake.

Android malware, Liberty Reserve, CSAW, Legal ransomware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Watch our 60 Second Security videos and arm yourself with anecdotes you can use when your friends or colleagues ask you, "Do I really need to worry about things like privacy and security?"

Android malware in pictures - a blow-by-blow account of mobile scareware

Fake anti-virus is mostly for Windows, with OS X a long way back in second place. But other operating systems aren't exempt from the depredations of cybercriminals.

Paul Ducklin shows you round some recently-discovered Android scareware...

An unholy alliance - Fake Anti-Virus, meet Bogus Support Call!

What happens when a scammer decides to marry fake anti-virus and bogus support calls?

Paul Ducklin has a bit of a weekend chuckle at the result...

Fake anti-virus attack spread via bogus ADP anti-fraud update emails

Fake anti-virus attack spread via bogus ADP anti-fraud update emails

If the person who is telling you to install a security update can't be trusted, or isn't who they claim to be, there's a chance you could be heading into even bigger danger.

How to report a computer crime: Fake anti-virus

How to report a crime: fake anti-virus

If you unwittingly downloaded malware to your computer which masqueraded as anti-virus software would you just clean it up and carry on, or report it to the authorities?

Sophos sucks? Being insulted by malware authors can be the best reward

Sophos sucks? Being insulted by malware authors can be the best reward

Sometimes things can get a little personal when dealing with the huge volume of malware that is discovered every day.

Technical paper - Fake anti-virus: The journey from Trojan to a persistent threat

Technical paper - Fake anti-virus: The journey from Trojan to a persistent threat

Fake anti-virus is one of the largest families of malware in recent history. In this technical paper, Jagadeesh Chandraiah takes a look at how scareware has evolved over the last three and a half years into what it is today.

Fake anti-virus disguises used by Android malware

Fake anti-virus disguises used by Android malware

The Android malware threat is growing.

And it's no surprise to see similar social engineering tricks that have worked on other operating systems in the past also being used on the Android platform.

A sneak peek into fake anti-virus affiliate support

A sneak peak into fake anti-virus affiliate support

Even fake anti-virus distributors need tech support as is shown in this frequently asked questions document captured from a Russian affiliate network. According to these criminals, social engineering is your best bet for selling fake software.

FTC issues rebates to victims of fake anti-virus scam

FTC files complaint against Wyndham Hotels for not protecting sensitive customer information

The FTC has reached a settlement with fake anti-virus sellers Innovative Marketing for $8.2 million. The FTC will begin sending rebate checks to more than 320,000 victims.

Sneaky fake company virus warnings trick users into installing malware


An email from someone in your company tells you that there's a virus problem which has resulted in data being stolen and some files being deleted. You are told to install an anti-virus tool to clean-up the infection properly.

Would you do it?

Strategies for monitoring fake anti-virus distribution networks


At the Virus Bulletin 2011 conference in Barcelona, Spain, Sophos's Onur Komili presented research into identifying distribution networks used to spread fake anti-virus software.

Automated Skype calls spread fake anti-virus warning [VIDEO]

Automated Skype calls spread fake anti-virus warning

Beware automated Skype calls telling you that your PC's security is not active.

Not only are the messages unsolicited spam, but you could also be the next victim of a fake anti-virus attack.