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Monday review - the hot 19 stories of the week

Monday review

It's that time of the week again - here's your roundup of everything we wrote in the last seven days.

How to report a computer crime: Fake anti-virus

How to report a crime: fake anti-virus

If you unwittingly downloaded malware to your computer which masqueraded as anti-virus software would you just clean it up and carry on, or report it to the authorities?

Easter eggs, with a side order of scareware

Easter eggs, with a side order of scareware

Planning some activities this Easter? Perhaps buying some Easter eggs? Maybe hand decorating some eggs?

Before you go searching for tips, take a read of this post which highlights how seemingly innocent search terms can lead to malware.

A sneak peek into fake anti-virus affiliate support

A sneak peak into fake anti-virus affiliate support

Even fake anti-virus distributors need tech support as is shown in this frequently asked questions document captured from a Russian affiliate network. According to these criminals, social engineering is your best bet for selling fake software.

Strategies for monitoring fake anti-virus distribution networks


At the Virus Bulletin 2011 conference in Barcelona, Spain, Sophos's Onur Komili presented research into identifying distribution networks used to spread fake anti-virus software.

FBI announces international cyberbusts: scareware peddlers and malvertisers taken out


"It seems so easy to be a cybercrook - why don't the police do something about it?"

Despite the technical and legal complexities of taking on international cybercrime, the cops sometimes do get their man - or men.

Mother's Day search terms lead to Mac rogue security software

Mother's Day search terms lead to Mac rogue security software

The worlds first advertisement pretending to be a security scanner targeting Apple Mac users has hit the scene. It has been a busy week for criminals targeting OS X computers as we have seen several large scale attacks. Multiple unique fake scanner samples, new promotions and even changes to their payment sites.

Mac users hit with fake anti-virus when using Google image search


A new Trojan fake anti-virus is in the wild and targeting both Mac and Windows users. Even worse, it is spreading through poisoned Google image searches. Is your Mac protected?

Scareware SEO attack exploits engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Scareware SEO attack exploits engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their royal engagement - but who's that waiting in the wings? Hackers poison search engine results to spread their fake anti-virus attacks.

Comcast to provide new opportunities for fake AV


Comcast has announced they are beginning a nationwide roll out of their "Constant Guard" botnet detection service. Comcast is the largest cable internet service provider in the United States, so this could have a large impact on zombied US computers. Read more…

Spam roundup - Am I getting Google's spam?

Image (1) windowsspam550.png for post 3269

I spent some time today scouring the massive spam queues in SophosLabs and thought I would share some information on the latest email threats. I had a chuckle thinking I had accidentally received mail destined for Google. The subject of Read more…

Fake anti-virus proclaims to be your Facebook friend

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It is being reported by AVG that there is an attack in progress against Facebook again. Things have been quiet recently on the Facebook front with much of the attacks against social media focusing on Twitter. This time Roger points Read more…