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FCC fines company $750,000 for disabling conference hotspots

Smart City was blocking convention visitors and exhibitors from using their own hotspots to avoid paying hefty fees for the telecom's Wi-Fi.

PayPal backpedals on awful robocalling policy

PayPal backpedals on awful robocalling policy

"Sorry for the confusion!" it said, promising to erase the no-opt-out, robocalling/autotexting nightmare seemingly poised to grip the US.

Full rules for protecting net neutrality released by FCC

Arrow. Image courtesy of 360b/Shutterstock.

The commission will decide what's acceptable on a case-by-case basis. Let the legal battles begin!

Say hello to net neutrality - FCC votes to "protect the open internet"

FCC votes in favor of net neutrality in the US

The FCC has voted in favor of net neutrality. Broadband is now a US public utility, free of blocking, throttling or paid prioritization, and also subject to greater government regulation.

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Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Foursquare et al. protest end to net neutrality


Those sites and many more simulated a slowdown of their sites and services by doing things such as posting the dreaded spinning wheel of death. The internet didn't really slow down; the companies were, rather, trying to illustrate what the internet would be like if the US passes rules proposed by ISPs.

FCC DoSed into silence as John Oliver roused net neutrality trolls

Silence. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Within hours of the comedian's brilliant, 13-minute rant, the FCC's comment section was crushed by a database DoS attack. The DoS rendered the site incapable of accepting any public comment at all, be it trollery or sanity.

FCC net neutrality proposals tackle internet fast lane - why no one is happy


The latest proposal by the FCC for rules governing the internet leave the door open to an internet "fast lane." In essence, the battle over net neutrality comes down to who has legal authority over the internet, and whether ISPs can do, well, whatever they want.

Phone and tablet unlocking - US government nudges it closer to law

US gov't nudges legal phone and tablet unlocking closer to law

US citizens are now one step closer to being able to do (more or less) what they want with their gadgets, as the government petitions the FCC to once again legalize wireless device unlocking.

Google staff knew for years about Street View data breach

Google staff knew for years about Street View data breach

A Google engineer, responsible for data from wireless WiFi networks via Street View cars, told colleagues as long ago as 2007 that the code was collecting private data including emails, text messages, browsing histories and passwords.

Stopping the zombies: introducing the new FCC anti-botnet code


A new voluntary code of conduct for ISPs in the US creates new measures for addressing botnets. Does it go far enough?

Want to use your gadgets at takeoff and landing? US FAA to review policy

Want to use your gadgets at take-off and landing? US FAA to review policy

It doesn't quite stretch to smartphones yet, but the US Federal Aviation Administration has announced they're going to take a "fresh look" at using personal devices such as e-readers and tablets during takeoff on planes.

Emergency alerts from President Obama on your mobile phone?

Emergency alerts from President Obama on your mobile phone?

Mobile phone users could soon find themselves receiving emergency text messages warning them of terrorist attacks and natural disasters, under plans announced in the United States.

FCC Chairman hacked on Facebook

Image (1) julius-genachowski-fcc.jpg for post 15605

Julius Genachowski is just one of some 350 million Facebook users. The only things which singles him out for special attention is that he is also chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). And so it makes headlines when in Read more…