Federal Trade Commission

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Robocall spotting contest launched by FTC

Robot. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a pair of competitions to stimulate research into technological approaches to the problem of robocalls.

FTC smackdown! More fake support scammers taken out...


The FTC has taken out more fake support scammers who are said to have badgered consumers into parting with more than $120 million.

In return, the consumers received technical smoke and mirrors that was worth absolutely nothing.

LifeLock pulls Wallet app, says it wasn't compliant with data security standards


The controversial identify theft protection company LifeLock says it has pulled down its LifeLock Wallet app over concerns that the app is not compliant with payment card industry standards.

We tell you why LifeLock's woes are less than surprising, and offer some tips to avoid identity theft.

Snapchat agrees to settlement with FTC over privacy complaints


Snapchat and the FTC have come to terms in a settlement over the privacy practices of the controversial mobile message service company.

Will Snapchat be better at protecting user privacy now that it's required to be monitored by a privacy auditor for the next 20 years?

Has Facebook violated its 2011 Federal Trade Commission settlement?

Has Facebook violated its 2011 Federal Trade Commission settlement?

Privacy groups have asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block some of Facebook's proposed policy changes.

This request comes amid concerns over how user information is employed in advertising across the social network.

The FBI's "Cyber Surf Island" game aims to promote internet safety amongst students


The FBI is taking its lead from popular online games like World of Warcraft with a new online safety education program for school age children that's light on content, but heavy on scrolls and whacky, animated characters.

Warning!!!! Your pop-up ads may be fraudulent!!! FTC wins $163m settlement against scareware firm

Warning!!!! Your pop-up ads may be fraudulent!!! FTC wins $163m settlement against scareware firm

A US federal court has imposed a judgment of more than $163 million against a defendant in a case that pitted the US Federal Trade Commission against purveyors of so-called "scareware" programs designed to trick Internet users into believing their computer is infected.

Google staffs up 'Red Team' to protect the world from its privacy lapses

Google staffs up 'Red Team' to poke at its own privacy practices post-FTC settlement

Is the job listing for a Data Privacy Engineer proof that Google's mending its privacy ways, or is the gesture as empty as the HTML form it used to slip past Safari's no-tracking controls?

EPIC sues FTC over Google's planned privacy changes


The Electronic Privacy Information Center is suing the Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to compel the agency to stop Google's planned privacy changes.