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Firefox 27 is out - Tuesday's second non-Patch-Tuesday update


Even though yesterday wasn't a Patch Tuesday, we ended up with two major browser-related updates: an unscheduled Adobe Flash patch, and an expected one: the update from Firefox 26 to Firefox 27.

Paul Ducklin takes a quick look...

PWN2OWN 2014 - Find the "exploit unicorn" and win $150,000


It's called PWN2OWN because if you successfully pwn, or hack into, the competition laptop, you own it *literally* - you get to take it home with you.

But there's also $645,000 in cash up for grabs, including a Grand Prize for finding, wait for it, an "exploit unicorn"...

Firefox 25.0.1 - the security update that wasn't?


Firefox just pushed out a minor browser update, bumping its version number from 25.0 to 25.0.1.

Paul Ducklin saw Mozilla's advice that this was "a security and stability update", and went looking for the security fixes...

SSCC 122 - Facebook hoax, Microsoft 0-day, Android hole and Firefox going forward [PODCAST]


What a coincidence! A Facebook hoax claming that images can infect your computer...and then a Microsoft zero-day that uses images to infect your computer.

Chet and Duck talk you through the latest news...

Lightbeam shines a light on which websites you're really visiting


Do you really know where your browser goes when you type a URI into its address bar? Do you realise that that your browser not only accesses the site you intended but may also have visited 3rd party websites running connected services? Mozilla's Lightbeam shows you what's going on.

Firefox moves up to Version 25, fixes a bunch of memory mismanagement problems

A brief reminder for Firefox users: version 25 is out.

As usual, there are some new and tweaked features, plus a fair number of security fixes.

Paul Ducklin takes a quick look...

Copying fingerprints, Firefox trusted, Facebook not, Yahoo recycles - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How do you copy fingerprints? Which is the most trustworthy browser? Who will use Facebook for payments? How long does an email address live?

Satisfy your curiosity with this week's 60 Second Security!

Firefox burns Chrome in our trustworthy browser poll

Chrome burns

About a month ago I asked Naked Security readers: Which web browser do you trust? Your answer was emphatic: it's Firefox, and it accrued almost twice the number of votes of its nearest rival, Google Chrome.

Facebook transparency, Apple bugs, SEA DDoSes itself - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Which country came top of Facebook's new "Government Requests" report aimed at outing the countries that fish for Facebook user data the most? (I bet you're thinking it's the USA - but it isn't.)

Watch this week's 60 Second Security and find out!

Which web browser do you trust? [Poll]


We no longer choose our web browsers based on bells and whistles. These days its all about privacy and security and we'd like to know which browser (and which vendor) you trust to be your companion on the web.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week


It's Monday again, so here's a quick way to get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days.

Firefox 23.0 is out - fixes, features and just a tiny bit of frustration


Note to Firefox fans: 23.0 is out.

Paul Ducklin, a Firefox fan himself, looks at the many new fixes, one handy new security feature and a nagging frustration in the update...

Firefox 22.0 closes a modest bunch of not-yet-exploited holes


As usual, there's a handy mixture of important-sounding security fixes and some interesting new features.

No yet-known vices, so why not ensure you've got the update right away?

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

Mozilla pushes out new Firefox and Thunderbird: 8 security advisories, 3 critical fixes

Not to be outdone by Microsoft and Adobe's Patch Tuesday releases, Mozilla pushed out its latest browser and email client updates today.

There are no bated-breath patches for in-the-wild exploits, but 3 of the 8 security fixes are deemed "critical".

Monday review - the hot 17 stories of the week

Monday review - the hot stories of the week

Catch up with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Firefox 20 arrives - new version, some security improvements, no known vices


Firefox 20.0 was released today.

The buglist page enumerates 3054 official changes, with eleven patched vulnerabilities, three at "Critical" level.

Paul Ducklin takes a quick look...

Firefox and Chrome patched ALREADY after Pwn2own - now the pressure is on for IE and Microsoft!


Mozilla and Google have already pushed out patches to stop the exploits that got past their browsers at this year's PWN2OWN competition!

That certainly throws down the gauntlet to Microsoft, whose Internet Explorer 10 browser was also successfully breached in the competition.

PWN2OWN results Day Two - Adobe Reader and Flash owned, Java felled yet again

PWN2OWN 2013 finished off today.

A second scheduled attack on IE 10 didn't happen, so IE 10 didn't get owned again, but Flash and Reader fell once each, and Java was exploited for the fourth time in two days...

PWN2OWN results Day One - Java, Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox owned

Of the Big Four browsers, only Apple's Safari has so far survived the onslaught of the browser-breakers at PWN2OWN 2013.

Java fell three times today; Adobe's Flash and Reader meet their attackers tomorrow...