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5 tips to improve your Linux desktop security


Linux-based operating systems aren't invulnerable.

Here are five easy steps you can take to enhance your Linux security...

Firewall for dummies - or, what do we mean by a next-generation firewall?


A next-generation firewall offers more protection than a traditional firewall as it can look inside content, rather than just blocking based on sources and destination.

US regulator says Anthem "refuses to cooperate" in security audit

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Anthem, the health insurance giant that recently suffered a massive data breach, is "refusing to cooperate" with US regulators attempting to conduct vulnerability scans and configuration tests on its IT systems.

The "Dirty Dozen" SPAMPIONSHIP: Who's the biggest? Who's the worst?


We take our quarterly dive into the SophosLabs spamtrap logs to find out who sends the most spam.

Six countries made it onto our "worst per person" chart for the first time in a year...find out if you were one of them.

"There is no inside" - How to get the most from your firewall


Firewalls are often seen as having the role of a moat surrounding the castle.

But data is everywhere, so it's time to take a new look at firewalling...

Monday review - the hot 20 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Sophos Techknow - Firewalls Demystified [PODCAST]


The word firewall has a lot more shades of meaning in 2014 than it did in 1994.

So...who better to help us to demystify the modern firewall than Sophos security expert Chester Wisniewski?

FTC slapdown, no iPhone for Mr President, and Dutch banks get tough - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

How could the brightest flashlight leave you in the dark? Do you need to close Joel's Backdoor? Why can't the President choose his own phone? Should you update your anti-virus before you bank online?

Find out in 60 Second Security!

4 free tools to boost your security


You've probably heard us saying, "Get more serious about security!"

That, of course, invites the reply, "Where do I start? What should I do?"

So here are 4 free tools to help you on your way...

LA schoolchildren found having too much fun on their hacked iPads

LA schoolchildren found dangerously having fun on their hacked iPads

It took students one week to dismantle the security keeping them away from online candy such as Twitter and Facebook. That leaves one very peeved school system, dismayed at the fact that its kids are smarter than the adults who tried to corral them into this dreary thing called "the curriculum." The verdict: No more iPads for YOU!

Is security really dead? Perhaps it's your lack of depth


There is a lot of talk in the security industry about how much everything sucks. While no individual solution is a silver bullet for solving your security woes, but we shouldn't forget that an effective defense requires depth.

What if your security camera were an insecurity camera?

What if your security camera were an insecurity camera?

Paul Ducklin investigates and offers some advice...

Monday review - the hot 17 stories of the week

OK, these aren't just the hot 17 stories of the past week, but of the two weeks before that, too.

If, like us, you've been enjoying some downtime over the Christmas and New Year holidays, here's your quickest way to get back up to speed with Naked Security...

Practical IT: are your firewalls in the wrong place?

Practical IT: are your firewalls in the wrong place?

Firewalls have come a long way in the last 15 years. But today's standard architecture might leave something to be desired and we talk about what firewall administrators want to look at.

Practical IT: handling perimeter expansion and disintegration

wires and padlock_thumb

All it takes is a single successful drive-by-download or malicious email and an attacker has full control over a computer in your company. Your network firewall, focused on blocking attacks from the outside world, won’t offer much help.

It's time to take a strategic approach to combatting the risks, explains Ross McKerchar.

"Anti-virus is no good" - discuss

Anti-virus - is the glass half-empty, or half-full?

Security professionals, analysts, journalists and people in the pub: there's a vocal minority in all those groups which likes to be heard to say, "Anti-virus isn't good enough for today's threats".

But is it true? Paul Ducklin has his say.

Top tips for Mac OS X security - Part 3


The third and final part of our OS X security series covers system security. Learn best practices for the Mac OS X firewall, Safari and how to control services.

How many zombies in Australia?

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As you may have seen, we declared 31 October 2009 to be International Kill-A-Zombie Day. Unsurprisingly, we suggested, amongst other things, that you scan your PC with an up-to-date anti-virus. The cynics amongst you are probably thinking, "But you would Read more…