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Drones buzz around LAPD chopper, crash into US Open and football stadiums


Police arrested operators who allegedly threatened lives by crashing UAVs into stadiums or flying within sneezing distance of a helicopter.

When a prank goes wrong: Student indicted after hacking rival college's calendar

Student indicted after hacking rival college's calendar

A Georgia Tech student allegedly rigged football rivals, University of Georgia's calendar with a "get ready to lose" message. Unfortunately, that prank's a felony.

World Cup security well executed if you don't count the Wi-Fi


The company providing security for one of the World Cup venues in Brazil accidentally posted a photo containing the secret Wi-Fi password. Does it really matter? Was it even a secret to begin with?

France World Cup team training session snooped on by a "spy drone"

France buzzed by World Cup "spy drone"

France is shaking its fist at what it thinks may have been a spy drone buzzing its football team as it practiced for Sunday's opening game. FIFA is investigating.

Arsenal Lotto scam spammed out via PowerPoint file

Arsenal Lotto scam spammed out via PowerPoint

Scammers use desperate measures in their attempt to trick you into believing you have won a lottery run by Arsenal Football Club.

Was UK's 2018 FIFA World Cup bid hacked by Russia? FBI investigates

FIFA World Cup hacking probe

The FBI is investigating claims that the USA and English bids to host the 2018 soccer World Cup competition had their email accounts targeted by hackers.

The successful Russian bid has denied that it participated in any dirty tricks.

David Beckham's website defaced by hackers

David Beckham's website defaced by hackers

The website of British football superstar David Beckham has been hacked, with an image of a hapless dog attempting to eat a bowl of food painted on a street sign.

Is this an own goal for the soccer ace?

World Cup DDoS blackmailer sentenced to jail

World Cup DDoS blackmailer sentenced to jail

A man who extorted money out of online gambling websites in the run-up to the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa has been sent to jail.

Hackers hijack top Russian football club's website

Hackers mess with top Russian football club's website

Fans of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, one of Russia's top football clubs, got a surprise this morning if they visited the team's website.

Instead of seeing stories and images of their favourite soccer players in action, they were presented with a page of insults directed at the city's political leaders.

Forget WikiLeaks - here comes DickiLeaks!

Saints skipper Riewoldt addresses the media

Forget WikiLeaks - Australia is currently embroiled in a data leakage saga of its own, dubbed "DickiLeaks", following the publication of nude photos of football players from high-flying Australian Football League club St. Kilda.

English football sex cheat photos snare unwary Facebook users

English football sex cheat photos snare unwary Facebook users

The British tabloid media have been getting their own back on England's international football team after a dismal performance in the World Cup, with many recently focusing on the troubled relationship between English striker fiance Peter Crouch and his glamorous Read more…

A.S. Roma football website infected with same malware as Jerusalem Post

A.S. Roma website infected with same malware as Jerusalem Post

Last week, I reported on (1, 2 and 3). Yesterday, I notified my colleagues in our Italian office that the website of the football (soccer) club AS Roma was infected. My colleagues contacted AS Roma yesterday and today, and were Read more…

Facebook "likejacking" targets World Cup, BP, Shrek, UFC, ...

Facebook clickjacking scams surge

We said we thought we were going to see a lot more Facebook "likejacking", and sure enough that's exactly what's happened - there's been an explosion of pages exploiting this technique to get users to "like" pages without them even Read more…

"Cry-baby" Maradona's website hacked by Peruvian football fan

Image (1) maradona-hacked.jpg for post 15090

Peruvian soccer fans have reacted to their national team's dramatic defeat at the hands of Argentina last Saturday by hacking Diego Maradona's website and calling him a "cry-baby". Maradona, the talented footballer who knocked England out of the 1986 FIFA Read more…