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Should companies be held responsible for a customer data breach? [POLL]

How much of the blame should you shoulder if you could have done more to protect your network and your customers?

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LifeLock's woes continue as FTC claims violation of 2010 settlement


LifeLock hasn't abided by the 2010 settlement requiring the company to stop making misleading claims that "guaranteed" customers would be protected against identity theft, according to the FTC.

How 153 robocalls cost one company $229,500

How 153 robocalls cost Time Warner Cable $229,500

Araceli King has been awarded $229,500 after Time Warner Cable kept on calling, even after she sued.

Do Americans have the same right as Europeans to be "forgotten" by Google?


Europeans have the right to request the removal of links in search engine results, thanks to a May 2014 court ruling, but should Americans also have the "right to be forgotten"? Consumer Watchdog says "Yes, definitely".

Dodgy app company that mined Dogecoins behind your back receives FTC penalty

The app was called "Prized," but it was the app vendor that took the prizes by co-opting your phone into a cryptocurrency mining botnet.

Uber wants even more customer data - EPIC asks FTC to slam on the brakes

EPIC asks FTC to slam the brakes on Uber's upcoming data grab

Uber wants location data when the app's running in the background (even when it's off on iOS), location data from IP address, and users' contact lists.

FTC settles first crowdfunding case over deceptive Kickstarter project - but don't expect a refund


The FTC just settled its first case involving crowdfunding against a man who pocketed $122,000 in Kickstarter contributions without delivering the project - but he's not going to have to pay it back.

Kids' apps and websites set for scrutiny by ICO and other privacy watchdogs


The ICO and other global watchdogs are to examine kids' apps and websites to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

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Discounts for online reviews? No, says FTC

5 star review. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The FTC has stopped auto-shipping company AmeriFreight from giving $50 discounts for customers who wrote reviews.

Facebook faces class action lawsuit over children's online purchases

Facebook faces class-action lawsuit over children's online purchases

Facebook must defend itself against a California class action lawsuit that claims payments taken from children violate state laws.

Monday review - the hot 25 stories of the week

Monday review

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Robocall spotting contest launched by FTC

Robot. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a pair of competitions to stimulate research into technological approaches to the problem of robocalls.

IsAnybodyDown's Craig Brittain banned from the 'revenge porn' business


The operator of a 'revenge porn' website got away with a slapped wrist after publishing nude photos of over 1,000 women online.

Yelp let off the hook after review-gaming complaints

Second FTC enquiry gives Yelp the all-clear

After a year-long investigation, the FTC has decided that those who complain about Yelp gaming its reviews don't have a leg to stand on.

Internet of Things is a threat to privacy, says FTC

Padlocks. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Minimizing the amount of data collected is one way to mitigate risk, suggested FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez during a speech at the internet-enabled gadget-engorged Consumer Electronics Show.

Online medical bill site tricked people to hand over health records

Online medical bill site tricked people to hand over health records

Online medical bill service, PaymentsMD, used the sign-up process for its patient portal as "a pathway to deceptively seek consumers' consent to obtain detailed medical information" about them.

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