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Hackers play Asteroids on US government websites


To have one website fall foul of Asteroid-loving hackers may be regarded as a misfortune; but to have two looks like carelessness.

Hacking businesses via your iPad can be all fun and games

Hacking businesses via your iPad can be all fun and games

Limit your malicious hacking to entertaining games like Uplink. At least there you're not doing any real harm, and aren't going to end up behind bars.

Windows Mobile Terdial Trojan makes expensive phone calls

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Some players of a mobile phone game called "3D Anti-terrorist action" are reporting an unexpected feature of the game - expensive international phone calls appearing on their bill. A number of owners of Windows Mobile phones are reporting online that Read more…

Is it art? Controversy over OSX/LoseGame-A

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Last week, SophosLabs released detection for OSX/LoseGame-A and following Symantec's publishing detection (which they call OSX.Loosemaque) there has been some controversy about whether this is a game or malware (see 1, 2, 3). From my point of view this is Read more…