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Google Glass isn't dead. It's being fine-tuned for the masses

Google Glass isn't dead. It's being fine-tuned for the masses

Privacy concerns made it smell like yesterday's fish, but apparently that's just the aroma of fine-tuning as the beloved/reviled face-huggers get made ready for the masses.

Forget Google Glass, here's Sony's (not quite as catchy)‏ SmartEyeglass

Those aren't augmented reality spectacles.

THESE are augmented reality spectacles!

But what about the privacy and security side?

Google Glass - going, going, gone...

Google's website is still promising to "bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible."

Until next week, anyway, when it's all over...

Don't wear your Google Glass or other wearables when watching a movie

Google Glass banned in US movie theaters

Two trade groups have officially adopted a zero-tolerance policy against all wearable recording devices being on during showtime.

Dubai police add facial recognition to Google Glass

Dubai police add facial recognition to Google Glass

A spokesman confirmed a report that Dubai police have developed software that will connect a Glass wearer to a database of wanted people.

Is it 1984 yet?

Why would we let you say "No" to something that's free? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our latest 60 Second Security video for your viewing pleasure.


Target tops the list of most epic privacy fails

Target privacy fail

Our readers ranked Target’s data breach ahead of Adobe, Snapchat, Google Glass, and Talking Angela for the biggest privacy failure of the past year.

The top 5 privacy failures - what's the most epic fail of all? [POLL]

Epic privacy fails

The list of culprits in our eroding privacy is long, but some privacy fails stand out above the rest. So we're calling out five privacy killers that deserve an extra level of shaming.

Take our poll, and help us crown the most epic privacy fail of all ...

Is that Google Glass wearer stealing your iPad passcode?

Tablet. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

What about the one with a smartwatch? Snoopers can catch your code from nearly 10 feet away with Google Glass or Samsung's smartwatch and from almost 150 away using a HD camcorder, thanks to researchers' custom-coded, shadow-tracking recognition algorithm.

Google Glass Explorers vilify restaurant that bans their headgear

Google Glass

Some Glass users are fighting back against establishments that have the *ahem* audacity to request privacy for their patrons, and negative reviews are their weapons of choice - even if they've never set foot in the place.

Yes, your smartphone camera can be used to spy on you...


A researcher claims to have written an Android app that takes photos and videos using the device camera, even while the screen is turned off - so you wouldn't even know the camera was spying on you.

As one security hole closes, another one opens! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

How many years was that security hole in Linux ? How many security patches for XP? How many lock screen holes in iOS? How much do Google specs cost?

Find out in this week's 60 Second Security video...

Google opens up Glass to the US masses for $1,500 a pair

Teddy. Image courtesy of Hattanas Kumchai /

"As long as we have it on hand", that is. Heaven forbid they run out before every stalker picks up a pair of these babies!

Google Glass recording without permission could become illegal in Australia

Google Glass recording without permission could become illegal in Australia

The country's considering an overhaul of privacy laws that could make it illegal to record private conversations or activities without consent via Google Glass or similar wearable technologies.

Rebunking Google's Glass "myth" debunking

Rebunking Google's Glass "myth" debunking

Google's published a listicle about what it says are the Top 10 Glass Myths. Here's Naked Security's security- and privacy-centric view of some of those "myths."

Spyware app turns the privacy tables on Google Glass wearers

Google Glass

A spyware app developed by two researchers has shown that Google Glass can be used to secretly take photos of whatever a Glass wearer is looking at without their knowledge - making the Glass user the one whose privacy and security is potentially compromised.

Google paves the way for Glass; throws lobbyists in front of distracted-driver legislation

Google paves the way for Glass; throws lobbyists in front of distracted-driver legislation

Google has hired lobbyists in at least three US states to battle proposed restrictions on driving with headsets such as Google Glass.

Woman claims to have been attacked for wearing Google Glass

Sarah Slocum. Image courtesy of Facebook.

The scorn for glassholes has apparently now gone too far, having evolved into what might be the first violent action taken against a Glass wearer.

NYPD tests Google Glass as they mull becoming Robocops

NYPD tests Google Glasses as they mull becoming Robocops

Just by looking at suspects, police could instantly check out their arrest records, mugshots and other key information. Of course, they could also record everything and everybody they see, regardless of whether they have a warrant or reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.