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Troj/PHPMod-A: Behind the Troj/JSRedir-R attacks.

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Yesterday, Onur posted showing how prevalent detections of Troj/JSRedir-R are. Today we have released detection for one of the culprits for the mass-defacement (Troj/PHPMod-A). The site Unmask has recently blogged on this issue. If you think that your website Read more…

Malicious JSRedir-R script found to be biggest malware threat on the web

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Research done by experts in SophosLabs has revealed that a new web-based threat has blown all previous web-based malware out of the water, being found six times more often than its nearest rival. Troj/JSRedir-R accounts for some 42% of all Read more…

Viral Video Now Just Viral

Viral Video Now Just Viral

...well actually it's a trojan, but it's still malicious! For those who had the misfortune of watching the viral video 2 Girls 1 Cup (SFW Wikipedia link) that spread across the internet like wildfire a couple years ago, people trying Read more…