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Interview with Writer/Director of "Code 2600" and BSides Austin organizers [PODCAST]


Chet inteviews the writer and director of hacker film "Code 2600" and Austin BSides organizers/consultants Michael Gough and Ian Robertson. We also introduce the new Kickstarter Hackers in Uganda.

Hacker showdown, cable modems at high noon


Some hackers are taking offense at all the attention Lulz Security has gotten recently and are taking matters into their own hands. Some are trying to disclose their identities, while others are re-hacking previous victims to show off their skill.

FLAMING RETORT: Whither Anonymous, our new generation of cyberfreedom fighters?


Sophos Voice of Reason, Paul Ducklin, takes on hacktivism in another issue of Flaming Retort!

Anonymous. You either get it or you don't. You're either for it our against it. You're either a member or you're not. Which should you be?