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TV's newest hacker drama "Mr. Robot" is technically sound, morally ambiguous


"Mr. Robot," USA Network's new hacker drama series, is good entertainment. But is it also a good depiction of hackers, hacking and infosec?

SSCC 177 - Will Sony's breach be the never ending story? [PODCAST]


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New search engine Indexeus unmasks malicious hackers

New search engine Indexeus unmasks malicious hackers

Indexeus is a database of stolen names and passwords, many doxed from the hackers who've themselves doxed others' data. Is it poetic justice, exploitation of a lucrative market, a prototype of an educational tool, or all of the above?

FBI arrests alleged NullCrew hacker

Arrest. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Federal prosecutors have arrested and charged a Tennessee man for allegedly conspiring to attack a number of businesses and educational organisations since the middle of 2012.

US Navy sailor allegedly led team that hacked government computers

Navy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A US Navy systems administrator stationed on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman acted as ringleader for a gang of anti-government cyber crooks, prosecutors alleged last week.

Russia Today website hackers tweak headlines, replace with word "Nazi"

RT logo

The Russian news site RT.com was compromised over the weekend, replacing the words "Russian" and "Ukrainian" in some headlines with the word "Nazi".

Kickstarter breached - change your passwords

Kickstarter Breach

Hackers gained unauthorised access to crowdfunding site kickstarter.com earlier this week. Compromised details include usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and password hashes. Kickstarter users should change their passwords immediately.

Security pros: If Healthcare.gov hasn't been hacked already, it will be soon

Security pros: If HealthCare.gov hasn't been hacked already, it will be soon

Four cyber security experts have delivered to the US Congress a unanimous opinion: Americans shouldn't use HealthCare.gov, given its security issues.

Hackers throw 16 attacks at HealthCare.gov plus a DoS for good measure

Hackers throw 16 attacks at HealthCare.gov plus a DDoS for good measure

None of the attacks have been particularly damaging, and the DDoS tool, dubbed "Destroy Obama Care", was never actually triggered. Now, the government's doing pen testing, which likewise hasn't come up with any egregious holes in the site's defense.

SSCC 123 - Patch Tuesday, Hackerphobia, Anons, OpenSSH and Adobe [PODCAST]


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Former Reuters editor Matthew Keys pleads not guilty to giving logins to Anonymous

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for Operation Payback

US federal prosecutors claim that journalist Matthew Keys handed over login credentials for his former employer, Los Angeles Times' parent company, Tribune Company. Keys' defense says it was the work of an imposter.

Guild Wars 2 accounts shuttered due to gold-seller hacking and idiocy

Guild Wars 2 accounts shuttered due to gold-seller hacking and idiocy

There are two causes of the account lock-outs: first, ArenaNet is trying to run a civilized environment without Holocaust jokes, gay-bashing and the like, and second, gold sellers have hacked accounts to grab the goodies.

Belgian bank blackmailed by hackers threatening to expose customer data


Hackers break into a Belgian bank, steal confidential customer information, and then blackmail the bank: pay us or we expose your customers' confidential data. Who is the real victim here?

NASA invites you to hack space!


Can you build an app that can determine the Earth's size? NASA is inviting all to try.

Xbox Live customers not hacked but phished

A wireless black Microsoft Xbox 360 controller with white background.

Xbox Live customers are the latest gamers to fall victim to an online attack with thousands of accounts hit across 35 countries.

DARPA pleads with hackers for help in cyberspace war

DARPA logo

In a first-ever conference, officials warned that bloated security software is no match for lean, nimble malware as the country battles unnamed enemies.

Hackers would never be hired by security vendors....right?

Careers section in Newspaper

Customers build a relationship based on trust with security vendors. After all, customers who buy security solutions like anti-virus or anti-spam grant security companies access to update computers and devices. Question is should security companies open their doors to people known to have dabbled in grey and black-hat hacking?

FLAMING RETORT: Hacktivism, hacking and hackers - what do these words really mean?


I keep getting asked what my attitude is to hacktivism, hacking and hackers.

I usually answer by saying, "What do you mean by hacktivism?" And the answer is frequently, and impassably, circular. "Y'know - all that hacking that hacktivists are doing these days."

Hackers break into Tony Blair's webmail server, disclose former PM's address book

Hackers break into Tony Blair's webmail server, disclose former PM's address book

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has his personal address book and details of his friends disclosed by hackers. This is the latest hack in a wave of attacks for political reasons that have targeted corporations and governments alike.