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HMRC phishing scam promises end of year refund


It is the season once again for phishers to try and lure in their victims with bogus tax rebates, income tax mistakes and other nonsense. Read on for the latest tax related scam targeting citizens of the United Kingdom.

Phishers exploit HMRC tax error refund in UK

Phishers exploit HMRC tax error refund in UK

Tax authorities in the UK are contacting millions of people, telling them that they have paid the wrong amount of tax. As the BBC reports, the mistakes in tax payment calculations have been uncovered following the introduction of a new Read more…

HMRC online tax returns - the good news and bad news

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Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has told The Register that a record number of British taxpayers have filed their returns via the internet. Nearly 5.8 million people are said to have filed their returns online before the January 31st Read more…

British tax payers struck by phishing scam

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British newspapers are warning their readers of a phishing scam that has been spread via spam email, telling recipients that they have been awarded a tax refund from the HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs). The phishing attacks have been Read more…