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Navy gunners unphased by "integer overflow bug" concerns


Today, Naked Security received an out-of-the-ordinary email...

..from a vacationing coder with a penchant for fitting geekiness into regular life!

We loved his story. We think you will too.

A Sysmas Carol - singing the praises of sysadmins everywhere!


Ever felt as though there should be a song for system administrators?

Like a Sysmas Carol, perhaps, celebrating the 0x0C days of Sysmas?

Well, here it is!

Report from the future: Data Privacy in the year 2044


It's Data Privacy Day today, 28 January 2014.

So we asked Naked Security's Virtual Futurist, Frank di Scorse, to go forward 30 years and report back from the future on Data Privacy Day 2044....

Spam of the Day - "lovely girl seeks Skype contacts for welding machine hookup"

We probably shouldn't say anything that sounds even slightly positive about any of of the zillions of messages that pour into our spam collection every hour.

But sometimes it's hard to resist thinking, "That's got to be the Spam of the Day."

Google has been accused of many things, but KILLING A DONKEY?


The Marketing Monster of Mountain View has felt the wrath of the US Federal Trade Commission on several occasions.

But callously running down an innocent pack animal in rural Bostwana? Surely that's stooping to a whole new level?

Fun with statistics: Who hates Java the most?

Over the past five days, lots of you have used Naked Security to find out how to turn off Java in one of the five major browsers.

And that has given us browser statistics. There are too many variables to know what they tell us, but they do make a neat-looking graph!

Shady Ahmed offers me a class in ethical hacking?


I received a spam today attempting to sell me ethical hacking classes, of all things. Looking at it further I enjoyed a chuckle and thought I would share it with our readers.

Are you dead? Please reply at once!

Are you dead? Please reply at once!

There's so much unreconstructed spam these days - old-school spam which doesn't make the slightest attempt to disguise its outrageous bogosity - that finding amusing examples is a like searching for a stalk of hay in a haystack.

But here's one that's well worth seeing.