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Can the Rombertik malware really "destroy computers"? No, no, three times NO!

We didn't really want to get drawn into this one.

But it's hard to avoid commenting on malware that has variously been described as a "terrifying suicide bomber'" and as having a payload that "destroys computers."

Cyberwar: hype or reality?


Is "cyberwar" really upon us? Is a "digital Pearl Harbour" imminent? And is an international agreement on "cyberarms" a plausible solution?

Sophos Security Threat Report 2012 - seeing through the hype


We know you're probably sceptical of "state of the world" reports from vendors. For all you can tell, they'll turn out to be thinly-digsuised advertorial, unreconstructed product brochures, or worse.

We like to do things differently. Find out how!

Virus attacks to "peak next Monday"? Yeah, right

Virus attacks to "peak next Monday"? Yeah, right

PC Tools has been widely quoted in the press as predicting that next Monday (November 24) will see a peak in virus, spyware and other malware attacks. How did PC Tools' boffins come up with this prediction? Well, they reckon Read more…