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What are you more afraid of - sharks or selfies?


People have died taking selfies while posing with live grenades, falling off bridges, and running with bulls. Is death by selfie really a big problem?

Autoplaying video of journalists' murders gives Facebook, Twitter users pause


Social media users unwillingly witnessed video of the murders of two television journalists yesterday, due to a default feature on Facebook and Twitter that plays videos automatically. Here's how to turn "autoplay" off.

Role players get cuddly with photos of other people's kids

Role players get cuddly with photos of other people's kids

It's disturbing to see your child's photo in adoption role play. It's scarier still to see the #BabyRP hashtag lumped in with sexual tags.

How one school district is monitoring social media of students and teachers

Florida school district monitoring social media of students and teachers

They're trying to keep kids safe, but nobody's talking about who can access the data or what standards are used to capture it.

It's time we stopped calling Millennials "dumb" about data privacy


Among the impressions people have of Millennials is that they are self-obsessed, addicted to oversharing on social media, and clueless when it comes to online privacy. Here's why that's wrong.

17% of parents ignore privacy settings but still post hundreds of photos of kids online

Parents upload 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5

Parents upload an average of 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5 but 17% admit they don't check privacy settings, ever.

New 'Clear' app helps you erase your online mistakes

Surprised man. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Sure, we'd love to wipe away those rude/racy/rebellious posts, but how erasable is erasable? Two phrases come to mind: "screen capture" and "digital archive!"

Koppie Koppie sells photos of your kids to prove you shouldn't post them online

Image of mother and little baby taking selfie courtesy of Rasstock /

Two "privacy advocates" running an online store that sells mugs printed with pictures of children are intentionally stirring up controversy by grabbing photos from Flickr. The duo behind Koppie Koppie say it's perfectly legal, but they hope you get mad about it anyway.

Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked

Image of Taylor Swift courtesy of Featureflash /

Hackers briefly got control of the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Taylor Swift, the Grammy-winning American pop-star, creating a stir on social media.

Here's how to make sure your accounts are safe!

Lizard Squad took down Facebook and Instagram! Believe it! Or not...

The hacking-and-cracking crew known as Lizard Squad tweeted that Facebook and Instagram were down.

Before you could say, "But we don't crash EVER," that had turned into "Lizard Squad did it"...

Insta-sham: Instagram fixes its not-so-private photo bug… well, sort of


Instagram has fixed a privacy flaw that allowed anyone with the URL to see photos posted on the service, even if the user's account was set to private. At least, it has kind of fixed it.

Protect your teens: 7 apps and websites parents should be aware of

Protect your teens: 10 sites parents should be aware of

Teens and tweens are heading in droves to apps and social platforms where they can't bump into their dads. Here are 7 apps and websites you need to be aware of.

China blocks Instagram as Hong Kong protesters take over the streets

China blocks Instagram as Hong Kong protesters take over the streets

China has blocked Facebook's photo-sharing site Instagram, as pro-democracy protesters flooded the Central financial district in Hong Kong on Monday and chronicled it all by flooding social media sites with #OccupyCentral hashtagged images.

SSCC 159 - What can we learn from the "honeybot"? [PODCAST]

For your listening pleasure!

Here's this week's episode of the Sophos Security Chet Chat podcast...

Security must come first! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's this week's 60 Second Security.

News you can learn from, in just one minute...

How anyone can hack your Instagram account


Should you write instructions that tell everyone how to hack Instagram accounts, including advice like "wait for someone to use the Instagram iOS app"?

This security researcher did, after he was denied a bug bounty for reporting the problem...

User-shaming robot Pic Nix banned by Instagram

Instagram quickly nixes user-shaming service Pic Nix

The plus: it used a nifty, Arduino-powered xy plotter that mimicked a human hand keying in an Instagram post on an actual iPhone. The minus: it allowed users to diss each other's posts without having the 'nads to do it to people's faces.

Iranian court beckons Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to answer accusations of privacy violation

Mark Zuckerberg. Image courtesy of Frederic Legrand /

An Iranian court has not only opened a case against Facebook's instant-message services WhatsApp and Instagram; it's also summoned that "American Zionist" Mark Zuckerberg himself to answer complaints of privacy violation.

Popular platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, aiding illegal gun sales

Facebook and Instagram aiding illegal gun sales

No questions asked. These sites aren't e-commerce sites, they're quick to remind us, but they sure make it easy for convicted criminals to set up illegal gun buys, as well as one 15-year-old who recently brought a loaded 9mm to school. Facebook's finally, thankfully, talking to advocacy groups about the problem that its brethren, such as Craiglist, have already solved.