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Mystery vandals are cutting fiber-optic cables in California - how worried should we be?

Mystery vandals are cutting fiber-optic cables in California - how worried should we be?

Somebody is cutting underground fiber-optic cables in Northern California and the FBI wants to know why. Just how vulnerable is the internet to sabotage?

FCC net neutrality proposals tackle internet fast lane - why no one is happy


The latest proposal by the FCC for rules governing the internet leave the door open to an internet "fast lane." In essence, the battle over net neutrality comes down to who has legal authority over the internet, and whether ISPs can do, well, whatever they want.

Welcome to Zmap, the "one hour turnaround" internet scanner

Scanning the whole internet has typically taken weeks or even months.

Here comes Zmap, an open source scanner that aims to knock the same job on the head in less than an hour!

Syria disappears off the face of the internet

Syria disappears off the face of the internet

It looks like internet access into and out of Syria has been shut down, cutting the country off from the rest of the internet.

Anonymous bullies Sony and Nintendo over SOPA support


Anonymous is threatening companies like Sony and Nintendo over their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Will this accomplish their goals, or simply create more victims?

Controversial SOPA bill gets more heat from internet giants YouTube, Google and Wikipedia

say no to SOPA bill

Today is the day that the US's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill is scheduled to be voted on. And unsurprisingly, the who's who of Silicon Valley are not happy. Several web gurus have banded together to voice their dislike of the bill in an open letter.

Hackers could throw open prison doors, research shows


Research presented at the Hacker Halted conference in Miami late last month showed how hackers could take control of industrial control systems used in prisons.

Spam from Egypt vanishes after cutting off internet access


SophosLabs data confirms the nearly total isolation of Egypt from the internet. Spam received from Egyptian IP addresses has dropped more than 85% in the last 48 hours.

Comcast to provide new opportunities for fake AV


Comcast has announced they are beginning a nationwide roll out of their "Constant Guard" botnet detection service. Comcast is the largest cable internet service provider in the United States, so this could have a large impact on zombied US computers. Read more…

4chan takes on MPAA, RIAA and Aiplex... and wins

4chan takes on MPAA, RIAA and Aiplex... and wins

Update 3:BPI went down occasionally for short periods of time, but they seem to have gained the upper hand in defending their site. Update 2:RIAA is back online as of 9:10 PM Pacific time. The attack on the BPI is Read more…

The Pentagon awakens from cyberslumber

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I must start this post by professing that I am a proud American citizen. I am proud of what my country stands for, its accomplishments and what its citizens are capable of when we come together for a common purpose. Read more…

Google collecting Wi-Fi data is not the problem

Google collecting Wi-Fi data is not the problem

If you read the IT security rags this morning, you would think Google committed a major crime with all the bad press they've been getting. Granted, while driving down the street invading people's privacy with their car-mounted cameras, they should Read more…

Monetization of the Internet - User choice

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When I started working in the computer security field 10 years ago, I would never have imagined that future battle lines would be drawn between legitimate online businesses and privacy warriors. Today aside from battling spammers, criminals, and ID thieves, Read more…

CanSecWest 2010 day 3 summary

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The conference has now drawn to a close and Michael Argast and I have made CanSecWest this week's podcast topic. Our weekly podcasts have been going well so far and I would like to thank our editor/producer Maria Varmazis for Read more…

CanSecWest 2010 day 2 summary

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The second day of CanSecWest was a beautiful day in Vancouver. The day was full of information-packed sessions and anticipation for the evening dinner party reception. "SEH overwrite and its exploitability - Shuichiro Suzuki" Shuichiro, who works for Forteenforty, demonstrated Read more…

CanSecWest 2010 Day 1

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As a Vancouverite it always seemed to be a bit of a shame that I have never attended a CanSecWest conference. This year I am here, the 11th annual CanSecWest conference, and I would like to thank Dragos Ruiu for Read more…

Russians cooperate with FBI, arrest 3

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The Financial Times reported this morning that the Russian FSB (the reincarnation of the KGB) detained three suspects in last year's RBS Worldpay payroll debit card scam. There were four major players, one of whom discovered the flaw in RBS's Read more…

Wanted: money launderers in Canada

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One of my favorite things about having a blog at Sophos is the opportunity to share the stories that we research related to cybercrime. I was doing some work today in SophosLabs and stumbled upon an email trying to recruit Read more…

How Twitter spam steals from Google, Yahoo!

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Scammers have been devising ways to ride on someone else's coattails since the dawn of time. With every new technology they find another way to make money from nothing. Today I am going to highlight a method that involves Twitter, Read more…

Tsunami blackhat SEO begins

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Unfortunately, as Graham Cluley regularly blogs, any breaking news topic tends be exploited by hackers who use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to lure people to visit their malicious pages. Today's news of a large earthquake in Chile seems to be Read more…