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iPad crash grounds dozens of American Airlines flights

American Airlines. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Swapping 35-lb. kitbags full of paper for svelte tablets sounds great, until the tablets crash and there's no paper backup.

Apple iOS malware gets onto 75,000 iPhones, steals ad clicks


Apple keeps iOS locked down, so malware on iPhones and iPads is very rare.

But iOS malware does happen, and this one is called "AdThief" because that's exactly what it does - steals ad click revenue...

Apple faces class action suit for tracking users without consent

Apple faces class action suit over location tracking

A Californian plaintiff says that nobody at Apple ever told her about tracking her whereabouts, nor did anybody ever ask for her permission. She says she only found out about it by watching a recent Chinese state TV report about iPhone being a security risk to the state.

Is that Google Glass wearer stealing your iPad passcode?

Tablet. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

What about the one with a smartwatch? Snoopers can catch your code from nearly 10 feet away with Google Glass or Samsung's smartwatch and from almost 150 away using a HD camcorder, thanks to researchers' custom-coded, shadow-tracking recognition algorithm.

Apple ransomware strikes Australia - pay Oleg $100 or else


This morning, a number of Australian iPad and iPhone users woke up to a strange sight.

"Device hacked by Oleg Pliss. For unlock device..."

Just how secure is that mobile banking app?


Security researcher Ariel Sanchez recently published a fascinating report on the sort of security you can expect if you do your internet banking on an iPhone or iPad.

The answer, sadly, seems to be, "Very little."

Black Friday spams are too good to be true


With the holiday season approaching and lots of super good deals being offered around the American Thanksgiving holiday, retailers aren't the only ones looking to make a buck.

How much security would you expect in a $60 light globe?


"Honey, why are the lights flashing 'URPWN3D' in Morse code?"

If you spent a cool $60 each on light globes (bulbs) from the Apple store...

...how much security would you expect?

Infecting iOS, OpenX backdoor, toilet hole, Android malware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Are Apple's iPhones really impervious to malware? What do you do if your software is pre-infected with a backdoor? What strength of password is appropriate for a toilet? And what about firmware updates for the Android code verification holes? Find out more in 60 seconds!

Apple to fix iPhones' vulnerability to boobytrapped chargers

iPhones and iPads will be vulnerable until they get the iOS 7 update, which is scheduled for release later this year. Until then, you might want to avoid plugging into sleazy charging stations, though truth be told, a successful attack sounds kind of James Bond-ishly esoteric.

LinkedIn unhacked, Microsoft bounties, Java in your browser - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


It's that time again - time for this week's 60 Second Security, our fun-but serious "security news with a conscience" video series.

Give it a spin...it'll only take a minute.

Apple ships jolly uninteresting iOS 6.1.4 update


Apple just released iOS 6.1.4 for the iPhone 5.

Apparently, it improves speakerphone calls, but it doesn't fix the lock-screen bug in iOS 6.1.3...

iOS 6.1.3 security flaw allows passcode lock bypass... again [VIDEO]

iOS 6.1.3 security flaw allows passcode lock bypass... again [VIDEO]

iOS 6.1.3 has only just been released by Apple, and already a security hole has been followed - allowing anyone to bypass the passcode lock on iPhones, and access private data on the device.

Anyone else getting a sense of Deja Vu?

iOS 6.1.3 released - Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

iOS 6.1.3 released - Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3, an operating system update for iPhones and iPads that is said to fix a high profile flaw that could potentially allow someone to bypass your device's lock screen.

Second iPhone passcode hack vulnerability discovered


You too can get into somebody's locked iPhone, particularly if you have a prehensile tail and don't mind (almost) placing a phony emergency call. Which you a) probably don't and b) hopefully do.

Apple updates iOS fixing 27 vulnerabilities and TURKTRUST revocation

Apple updates iOS fixing 27 vulnerabilities and TURKTRUST revocation

Apple has released updates for users of the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV products that fix critical vulnerabilities. Apple users should update their devices to iOS 6.1 as soon as possible.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time.

Here's everything we've written in the past seven days.

How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey and (maybe) win a new iPad Mini


Last year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off his travel backpack to Gizmodo readers. He needed a whopping seven containers to get through airport security!

Question is how do the rest of us compare. Tell us what you lug around and have a chance of winning an iPad Mini.

Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

Taking your tablet online can make you vulnerable to an assortment of internet dangers, including identity theft and hackers. This is especially true if you’re taking advantage of a public hotspot rather than your home network.

Follow these simple steps to ensure safe and secure browsing no matter where you are.

Goatse hacker Auernheimer found guilty of breaching AT&T to access customer iPad data


A hacker claims he was disclosing a security flaw responsibly.

But IRC transcripts show that the Goatse hacking group was instead musing about shorting AT&T stock, discussed selling 120,000 email addresses to spammers, and never told AT&T about the vulnerability in the first place.