iPhone worm

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How to clean up the Duh iPhone worm

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I'm quite pleased about having been able to reveal the 'ohshit' password for iPhones infected with the Duh virus. I've already had emails from happy Dutch readers who have used it to get back control of their infected devices. This Read more…

Password recovery for the latest iPhone worm

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As you have probably heard from my fellow bloggers at Sophos, a new iPhone worm is doing the rounds. Most reports seems to be coming from the Netherlands. I was on my way back from Manila whilst my chums were Read more…

Security by accident, or security by design?

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I can't imagine blaming anyone other than the author for last week's iPhone virus outbreak. The virus wasn't an accident -- the self-confessed creator wrote and disseminated the virus quite deliberately. However, the virus only infects apostate iPhones whose owners Read more…