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Madonna hacker who leaked songs sentenced to 14 months


A 39-year-old Israeli man accused of hacking the pop star Madonna has been sentenced to 14 months in jail, after reaching a plea agreement with authorities.

CarderPlanet bust, Target credit card breach, online safety for kids - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What prison sentence for the man who pioneered online carding? How many credit cards did Target lose? Does your encryption software "speak" to passers-by? How to keep your kids safe online over the holidays?

Find out in 60 seconds!

FBI intent on sniffing out those who leaked possible US Stuxnet role

Stuxnet: The FBI is intent on sniffing out those who leaked details of America's anti-Iran virus

Federal investigators in the US are tightening the screws on former senior government officials who might have leaked info about the Stuxnet worm.

Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then lost control of it

Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then lost control of it

The Stuxnet virus was created by the USA to target an Iranian nuclear facility, but accidentally escaped into the wider world, claims the New York Times.

Israel vows retaliation against hackers

Israel vows retaliation against hackers

After a hacking group published thousands of credit card details, the Israeli government has promised to retaliate in the same way it would treat terrorists.

Duqu malware spurs new Stuxnet-style conspiracy theory

Duqu virus spurs new Stuxnet-style conspiracy theory

We might never find out what really happened in the Stuxnet case. But what about Duqu, the son of Stuxnet?

One writer already seems to know with certainty, and despite the absurdity of his claims, his story is getting picked up around the world.

Trojan horse helped assassins track Hamas victim

Trojan horse helped assassins track Hamas victim

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas official, was murdered at Dubai's al-Bustan Rotana hotel by a professional assassination team of 11 people.

Now a report claims that a Trojan horse helped the assassins track their victim.

Twitter malware attack targets Israeli blockade

Screenshot of Twitter attack

Another malware attack is making the rounds on Twitter and at least one tactic being used to spread the tweets is to use the Israeli/Gaza strip topic as bait. The links being tweeted mostly contain malicious code that is known Read more…

Jewish Chronicle website hacked by 'Palestinian Mujaheeds'

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The website of the Jewish Chronicle newspaper, the world's longest running Jewish newspaper, has been hacked by a group calling itself the "Palestinian Mujaheeds", protesting against the continuing blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel. The hackers appear to have Read more…

Palestinian suspected of phishing Israeli bank accounts

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The Israeli media is reporting that authorities have arrested a 22-year-old Palestinian man in relation to a phishing attack against customers of two banks. The man, who has not been named, was arrested by the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and Read more…

Mossad hacked Syrian laptop before bombing nuclear facility

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According to reports in Der Spiegel, agents working for the Israel's Mossad intelligence service planted a Trojan horse on a computer belonging to a senior official in the Syrian government, gathering information which lead to an air-raid on a nuclear Read more…

Hackers hide malware behind CNN headlines about Gaza conflict

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Hackers love to jump on the tails of breaking news stories in their attempt to infect as many people as possible. One of the latest examples we have seen is a campaign of spammed-out messages that claim to come from Read more…

Anti-Israeli hackers bring cyberwar to Washington DC and NATO

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The website of the US Army's Military District of Washington - - was hacked yesterday by hacktivists protesting against Israel's actions in Gaza. The hack, which is still viewable in Google's cache of the website, claims that the site Read more…